[ti:Weapons] [ar:Jars of Clay] [al:The Long Fall Back To Earth] [00:01.12]Jars of Clay - Weapons [00:07.89] [02:09.31][00:14.06]Hallelujah, we can finally hear [02:15.60][00:20.30]It’s a miracle we feel anything at all [02:21.40][00:26.65]Things we planted on the worst days of the year [00:31.37]Grew to fingers that rip at the joy [00:33.95]And set our backs against the wall [03:22.78][02:41.21][01:15.36][00:37.43] [03:08.91][02:56.33][02:43.72][01:29.95][01:16.85][00:37.66]Lay your weapons down [03:12.10][02:59.49][02:46.87][01:32.65][01:20.01][00:40.63]Lay your weapons down [03:15.29][03:02.61][02:50.03][01:37.26][01:24.57][00:45.17]There are no enemies in front of you [00:50.30] [00:51.83]Hallelujah, we can finally see [00:56.60]How the bitterness was bruising on our skin [01:04.22]We didn’t notice that grace had run so thin [01:09.11]Till we’re falling apart [01:11.13]and the cracks in our hearts let the truth sink in