[ti:China White] [ar:王力宏] [al:音乐进化论] [offset:500] [00:07.12]Yeah China White [00:14.14]Listen [00:30.31]Yeah Yeah [02:23.66][00:30.24]I got a feeling someone's gonna get hurt [02:26.37][00:32.95]Selling your soul for a bag full of purified dirt [02:29.95][00:37.29]It's gonna stretch your diamond rings to sell to [00:39.51]psurie street [02:33.77][00:40.68]And it's all over when the fat lady sings [02:37.80][00:46.41]You're stupid selling up the neighbourhood [02:40.00][00:48.95]You've pick the wrong place, brother, for dealing your goods [02:43.39][00:52.46]You're going down fool, I promise you that [02:47.00][00:55.71]I'll hit you twice, even for you can flinch, that's a fact [02:50.59][00:59.81]Coz you are punking, coming into my town [02:52.95][01:02.21]I've got no patience for you [02:54.58][01:03.86]I don't care how many guns you got [02:56.92][01:06.35]Coz I got Kung Fu and a badge [02:59.16][01:08.09]I'll be wooping your ass [03:00.88][01:10.24]From Shanghai to LA [03:05.03][01:13.72]China White China White, I'm gonna take you down [03:08.14][01:17.01]China White China White, And I'll be messing 'round [03:11.76][01:20.46]China White China White, Before my chance is gone [03:15.27][01:24.10]China White China White, Come on Come on [01:42.02]Coz you've been killing since the day you've born [01:45.10]Offering good times bought and sold like a whore [01:48.73]How many innocents will share your disease before you [01:55.48]You took the mother from an innocent child [01:58.99]Under the covers left her body defiled [02:02.49]And now you're showing up my part of town [02:05.88]I wanna take you down [02:15.67]Take you down [03:18.72]China White China White, Nobody's gonna stop me, man [03:22.25]China White China White, man, I'm seeing this shit [03:37.07][03:32.15][03:25.99]China White China White