[ti:Where Is The Line] [ar:Bjork] [al:Medulla] [00:00.00] [03:32.28][02:48.60][02:09.58][01:30.21][01:27.44][01:24.25][01:21.48][00:41.50][00:00.71]Where is the line with you [00:25.13]My purse wide open [00:27.96]You ask again [00:30.63]I see the crime-ridden [00:33.06]Cash into accounts [00:39.17]Everywhere [01:02.52]I want to be flexible [01:46.93][01:06.56]I want to go out of my way for you [03:21.11][01:16.87]But enough is enough [02:57.66][01:33.63][01:19.63] [01:44.27]I am elastic [01:57.59]I want to help you [02:25.84]I want to have capacity for you [02:37.56]And be elastic, elastic, to be elastic for you [03:15.09]I'm elastic for you