[ti:In Your Hands (Kevin Ver.)] [ar:XING STAR] [al:The White Of Winter] [by:whytvxq] [00:00.00]In Your Hands (Kevin Ver.) [00:08.38] [00:15.20]Where are you, I miss you [00:18.64]I can't get you out of my mind [00:21.81]I never imagined [00:25.22]I'd be here all by myself [00:28.52]I'll always be waiting [00:31.75]Girl you are the only one for me [00:36.95]‘Cause baby [00:38.80]You make my life complete [00:42.11] [02:47.21][02:21.00][01:53.89][00:43.71]*Lonely I was alone, 'til you came in my life [02:53.59][02:26.87][02:00.22][00:50.15]Without you babe, It's so hard [02:57.07][02:30.44][02:03.75][00:53.73]'Cause I need you here by my side [03:00.53][02:33.74][02:07.00][00:57.02]And you are my everything [03:03.75][02:37.19][02:10.24][01:00.21]There's no one, that could take your place [03:08.76][02:42.30][02:15.36][01:05.38]Come to me [03:10.45][02:17.03][01:06.97]The only thing I want this winter is you. [03:16.36][02:20.89][01:13.45] [01:23.73]I would do anything [01:26.97]To hear voice and always be with you [01:30.63]You are the one that fills me up with joyfulness [01:36.80]I gave my heart you [01:40.18]’Cause you are my lovely melody [01:45.07]We are one [01:47.20]You are like a dream come true. [01:52.57] [02:27.08]Ohh~ Thanks to you for always being there [02:33.82]Ohh~ Ohh~ [02:34.03]For you~ [02:41.05]Promise me That you'll be with me [02:43.87]Your the only one that I will cherish all my life [03:18.90] [03:21.98]xing.ifensi.com [03:24.01]BY:whytvxq [03:27.36]