[ti:Forever] [ar:Kenny Loggins] [al:The Essential Kenny Loggins] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.35]Forever - Kenny Loggins [00:22.85]Now, while we're here alone [00:26.98] [00:29.35]And all is said and done [00:32.79] [00:36.92]Now I can let you know [00:38.48] [00:43.29]Because of all you've shown [00:47.04]I've grown enough to tell you [00:50.85] [00:54.54]You'll always be inside of me [00:57.42] [01:02.42]How many roads have gone by [01:07.04] [01:07.92]So many words left unspoken [01:13.48]I needed to be by your side [01:18.04]If only to hold you [01:23.61]Forever in my heart [01:30.23]Forever we will be [01:31.61] [01:35.92]And even when I'm gone [01:41.79]You'll be here in me [01:44.23] [01:47.92]Forever [01:57.34]Once, I dreamed that you were gone [02:01.97] [02:04.28]I cried out trying to find you [02:07.78] [02:08.78]I begged the dream to fade away [02:12.04] [02:12.78]And please awaken me [02:13.60] [02:19.16]But night took a hold of my heart [02:24.79]And left me with no one to follow [02:30.72]The love that I lost to the dark [02:35.22] [02:35.72]I'll always remember [02:36.85] [02:41.29]Forever in my heart [02:45.10] [02:46.72]Forever here you and me [02:49.66] [02:52.91]And know that when I'm gone [02:55.23] [02:59.04]You'll be near to me [03:04.23] [03:04.85]Forever in my mind [03:07.79] [03:10.66]Always thought I'd be [03:12.85] [03:17.41]I'd be yours [03:19.29] [03:41.43]Forever.... [03:42.31] [04:12.54]Qrc By:。 QQ.793787861