[ti:Wake up] [ar:陈洁仪] [al:东弯土星] [by:mp3.91.com] [offset:500] [00:05.00]歌手:陈洁仪 [00:08.00]歌曲:Wake up [00:11.00]制作:mp3.91.com [00:28.96]Life is so simple [00:34.75]When you know how to be free [00:43.89]Shackles & chains [00:47.57]locks & keys [00:50.22]Are just part of your sick fantasy [00:56.62] [01:02.26]Why do you call me a silly child [01:08.08]Just because you've forgotten how to play [01:17.16]Why do you have to shout so loud [01:23.64]When you have nothing to say [01:29.03] [01:57.41]How much money must you make [02:01.38]to feel like you've made it [02:05.34]How many hours have gone by [02:08.69]That you weren't living it [02:12.41]When love comes knocking [02:15.84]Will you embrace it [02:19.24]And when it's all over [02:23.35]Will you know it [02:25.64] [02:27.04]Why must we all have labels [02:34.32]Like life forms in twisted bottles [02:41.35]Is it just because we're so afraid [02:49.01]Oh..That we'll simply evaporate [02:55.09] [02:57.04]Better wake up [02:59.32]Before you miss it [03:02.85] [03:24.42]Wake up