[ti:21 Guns] [ar:Green Day (英汉对照)] [al:21st Century Breakdown] [by:LK歌词组Tony&Bayan] [00:00.00] [00:04.00]Green Day - 21 Guns / 绿日 - 二十一响 [00:08.00] [00:11.00]翻译: Tony Chang @ LK 歌词组 翻译分队 [00:14.00]校对:Bayan @ LK 歌词组 [00:17.00] [00:17.66]Do you know what's worth fighting for / 你可明白它并不值得你献出生命 [00:23.48]When it's not worth dying for? / 你为何还要为它拼命? [00:29.45]Does it take your breath away / 它有没有夺走你的呼吸 [00:34.38]And you feel yourself suffocating? / 让你感觉到自己行将窒息? [00:39.64] [00:42.04]Does the pain weigh out the pride? / 痛苦与荣耀可是一个重量? [00:47.89]And you look for a place to hide? / 你可是在找藏身的地方? [00:53.92]Did someone break your heart inside? / 有没有人刺穿了你的胸膛? [00:58.48]You're in ruins / 你只剩残骸 [01:01.22] [02:23.58][01:05.41]One, 21 guns / 鸣炮,21响 [02:27.84][01:09.70]Lay down your arms / 放下你的武器 [02:30.90][01:12.72]Give up the fight / 停止你的厮杀 [02:35.32][01:17.21]One, 21 guns / 鸣炮,21响 [02:39.58][01:21.68]Throw up your arms into the sky / 把你的武器抛向天空 [02:46.54][01:28.24]You and I / 你与我 [02:50.23][01:31.51] [01:35.70]When you're at the end of the road / 等你走到无路可走 [01:41.68]And you lost all sense of control / 等你变成行尸走肉 [01:47.80]And your thoughts have taken their toll / 等你思想的丧钟都已敲响 [01:52.54]When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul / 等你的心智磨灭了你灵魂的锋芒 [01:57.76] [01:59.90]Your faith walks on broken glass / 你的信仰将血流成河 [02:05.90]And the hangover doesn't pass / 你的遗物会流离失所 [02:11.95]Nothing's ever built to last / 天长地久又何曾有过 [02:16.77]You're in ruins / 你只剩残骸 [02:20.06] [02:53.63]Did you try to live on your own / 你可曾努力养活自己 [02:59.34]When you burned down the house and home? / 在你烧光自己的房屋与家园之后? [03:05.15]Did you stand too close to the fire? / 你可曾玩火玩到自焚? [03:09.60]Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone / 就像那骗子想痛改前非,却去求石头 [03:18.71] [03:57.90]When it's time to live and let die / 等你走到可生可死的路口 [04:03.68]And you can't get another try / 在何去何从的紧要关头 [04:09.77]Something inside this heart has died / 这颗心里有个东西已化为乌有 [04:14.68]You're in ruins / 你只剩残骸 [04:17.59] [04:4