[ti:Butterfly] [ar:Delta Goodrem] [al:Innocent Eyes] [offset:500] [02:24.55][00:12.41]i won't hurt you [02:27.06][00:14.49]i'll protect you [00:16.46]i won't let the rain fall down [02:30.01][00:20.13]i'll always be around [00:23.37]and baby i will understand if sometimes [00:27.17]you just want to spread your wings and fly [00:32.07]and let your colours shine [02:35.70][00:35.80]and everyday i wanna be a risk you take [02:41.06][00:41.09]make a promise that will never break for life [01:58.49][00:46.83]you're my butterfly [02:01.88][00:49.98]don't fly away open my hands your free [02:07.41][00:55.42]praying you'll come back to me [02:10.46][00:58.43]you're my butterfly [02:13.39][01:01.43]don't fly away [02:16.23][01:04.55]you're my reality [02:19.14][01:07.41]always be my gravity [02:22.33][01:10.38]you're my butterfly [01:16.51]come on and touch the sky [01:20.10]you're my butterfly [01:23.90]i won't forget you [01:26.52]or neglect you [01:28.34]won't let no-one take your place [01:31.92]in your eyes i see my face [01:35.21]and baby do you know that everybody watches [01:40.58]every time that you take flight [01:43.88]they're blinded by your light [01:48.18]every day the feeling's gonna be the same [01:53.15]i can promise that will never change for life [03:32.50][02:55.54]i'm be here [03:10.44]cuz you're my butterfly [03:25.61]whenever you leave cried [03:28.56]whenever you leave hungry there [03:38.10]come on you a while [03:40.40]open my heart