[ti:Buried Alive] [ar:Motorhead] [al:Motorizer] [by:活在当下] [00:00.76]Motorhead - Buried Alive [00:00.94] [00:01.25]制作:卜超 QQ:6313827 [00:01.41] [00:01.59]Times are bad and times are bad, [00:04.70]Nobody is innocent, [00:08.49]Say just what you want to see, [00:10.70]Tell me who you want to be, [00:16.43]See the only friend you got, [00:18.56]Open throat and money shot. [00:20.66] [00:28.45]Gone for the day, out for a ride, [00:32.33]Can't stay in here so I'm going outside, [00:36.38]Burned in the sun, soaked to the skin, [00:40.31]Buried alive and it's doing me in. [00:44.27] [00:47.23]Time is now and you're the one, [00:51.22]Keeps us from our liberty, [00:55.22]In the night we spend our seed, [00:57.41]Listening to women bleed, [01:03.07]See the one you want the most, [01:05.10]Hanging from the wipping post. [01:07.52] [02:51.11][02:33.43][01:15.06]Gone for a smoke, out for the day, [02:55.18][02:37.42][01:18.99]Can't stand the pain so I'm going away, [02:59.20][02:41.44][01:22.96]Taken in lust, given in sin, [03:02.81][02:45.36][01:26.97]Buried alive and it's doing me in. [03:10.95][02:50.69][01:34.39] [02:05.61]Time to be the man you are, [02:09.61]Nobody is gonna win, [02:13.54]All the time we see the deal, [02:15.54]Devil driver, hell on wheels, [02:21.34]See the world and shoot it dead, [02:23.44]Burn the town and paint it red. [02:25.94]