[ti:Desert Moon] [ar:Dennis De Young] [al:我的秘密花园电视原声带] [by:rwl] [offset:500] [00:28.33]"Is this the train to Desert moon?" was all she said [00:36.77]But I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before [00:45.74]I turned to look into her eyes but she moved away [00:53.60]She was standing in the rain [00:58.03]Trying hard to speak my name [01:02.62]They say first love never runs dry [01:10.16] [01:12.00]The waiter poured our memories into tiny cups [01:20.56]We Stumbled over words we longer to hear [01:29.26]We talked about the dreams we'd lost or given up [01:37.21]When a whistle cut the night [01:41.61]And shook silence from our lives [01:46.17]As the last train rolled towards dune [01:53.61] [01:54.58]Those summer nights when we were young [01:59.84]We bragged of things we'd never done [02:03.70]We were dreamers