[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:08.08]歌手:m2m [00:10.41] [00:18.89]pretty boy-m2m [00:24.98]i lie awake at night. [00:30.32]see thing in black white. [00:35.71]i've only got u inside my mind. [00:41.07]u know u have made me blind. [00:46.99]i lie awake pray. [00:52.48]that u will look my way. [00:57.71]i have all this longing in my heart. [01:03.21]i knew it right from the start [01:10.71]oh my pretty pretty boy i want u. [01:16.05]like i never ever loved no one before u. [01:23.13]pretty pretty boy of mine. [01:26.82]just tell me u love me too. [01:31.96]oh my pretty pretty boy i need u. [01:37.93]oh my pretty pretty boy i do. [01:43.44]let me inside make me stay right beside u. [02:01.45]i used 2 write ur name.. [02:06.83]and put it in a frame. [02:12.28]and sometime i think i hear u call. [02:18.06]right from my bedroom wall; [02:23.22]u stay a little while. [02:28.56]and touch me with ur smile. [02:34.12]and what can i say 2 make u mine ? [02:39.87]to reach out 4 u in time. [03:11.13]oh,pretty boy ! oh,pretty boy ! [03:13.72]say u love me too !