[ti:Bitch Niggaz] [ar:Dr.Dre&Doggy,hitman...] [al:] [00:00.51]Bitch Niggaz [00:00.52]Featuring snoop dogg, hitman & six-two [00:00.53] [00:00.54]<dre> some good-ass weed! [00:00.55] [00:00.56]<snoop dogg> [00:02.69]Check it out dogg; this game is a motherfuckin trip man [00:06.61]Word on the streets [00:07.98]Everybody always tryin to run up on me [00:09.58]Hollerin about word on the street is dis nigga said dis.. [00:11.42]Man I don’t give a fuck about what that nigga said man! [00:14.96]That’s what’s wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is just like bitches [00:17.86]Hoe-ass niggaz, talk too motherfuckin much (speak) [00:20.75]Study your own, get your own -- yahmsayin? [00:23.29]Be independent nigga - beotch! [00:25.00] [00:25.77]<dre> yeah [00:26.22]<snoop> bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz).. [00:27.49]Bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz).. [00:29.39]Bitch-ass niggaz (beotch).. [00:32.43]<both> bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz).. [00:34.48]<snoop> yeah I’m talkin about you (beotch).. [00:35.65]<snoop> and you too (beotch).. [00:36.31] [00:36.32]<dre> bitch niggaz [00:36.85]<snoop dogg> [00:36.99]Hmm.. dogg.. [00:38.36]I meet mo’ bitch niggaz than hoes - look here [00:40.54]And I really don’t know, but that’s just how it go (damn) [00:43.34]Dogg - so many niggaz like to keep up shit [00:46.13]And just like a bitch (beotch) niggaz be talkin shit (nigga) [00:49.63]Smilin in my face and then they blast me in the back (ka-ka-ka-ka-ka) [00:52.53]Niggaz stay strapped from way back, cause payback..’ll [00:55.93]Make niggaz wanna pop that shit [00:57.79]If you ain’t ready for the game (uh-uh) nigga stop that shit [01:00.73]We rock that shit, my nigga dre, drop that shit (right) [01:03.85]No mo’ talkin, I’m walkin and I’m poppin the clip [01:06.31]Glock on the hip, set-trippin dippin an’ shit [01:09.26]If you act like a bitch (nigga) nigga you get smacked like a bitch [01:10.35] [01:13.09]<snoop> bitch niggaz, bitch niggaz (bitch niggaz) [01:14.49] [01:15.30]These niggaz don’t know what the fuck is goin on [01:15.40]<dr. dre> [01:18.30]Yo dogg, check it kick back [01:21.22]Let me holla at these niggaz for a minute.. [01:22.91] [01:24.50]Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity [01:27.04]The aggravated, makin these punk muh’fuckers hate it [01:30.43]Compton is the city I’m from [01:32.69]Cain’t never leave the crib without a murder wea-pon [01:35.57]Huh, I cain’t live my life on broke no mo’ [01:38.37]And most of these fools ain’t shit but cutthroats [01:41.52]They smile in a nigga face - and for what? [01:44.19]They got the game fucked up, and want my thang fucked up [01:47.55]I done learned a lot, seen a whole lot [01:50.42]The top notch nigga, I’m fiendin for that spot [01:53.12]Now peep game on what six-deuce told me [01:55.79]These niggaz after yo’ paper, dr. d.r.e. (what? ) [01:57.99]<six-two> [01:58.59]And these punk-ass hoes is lookin for dough [02:01.46]You gotta watch your homeboys, cause a nigga never know [02:04.65]Oh, they’ll be around, but when yo’ paper get low [02:07.48]Just like master p said, ’there dey go, there day go’ [02:10.50]Bitch niggaz... uh-huh... [02:11.57] [02:12.64]<dr. dre cuts and scratches ’attention all personnel’> [02:13.82] [02:15.66]<’stop scheamin, and..an, and..an-an, and..and lookin hard’> [02:21.67] [02:22.00]<dr. dre> [02:22.24]Bitch nigga, a bitch nigga [02:25.04]Bitch nigga, hella bitch nigga [02:27.76]Youse a bitch nigga, motherfucker bitch nigga [02:30.25]A bitch nigga.. a bitch nigga [02:31.77] [02:32.72]<hitman> [02:33.56]I know yo’ type, so much bitch in you, if it was slightly darker [02:36.59]Lights was little dimmer my dick be stuck up in yo’ windpipe! [02:39.30]Hmm, you’d rather blow me than fight, I’m from the old school [02:42.32]Like romey rome homey yo, you owe me the right [02:45.02]To slap you, like the bitch that you are, that wanted to cap you [02:48.25]Every since you was mad doggin me with that bitch in yo’ car [02:50.69]Fool <singing> ’who do you think you are? mr. big stuff’ [02:54.22]Man, you shit on hit, get yo’ shit bust; plus [02:56.54]Pistol-whipped, cover it up - use yo’ bitch’s blush [03:00.13]Mr. powder puff yo’, bark ain’t loud enough, huh [03:03.27]I know chihuahuas that’s mo’ rah-rah, ha ha [03:06.02]I have to laugh dre, I bet he take bubble baths [03:08.76]You don’t want no trouble with the aftermath staff, trust me [03:11.32]Doggy dogg, diggy doctor plus me [03:14.05]No youse a busta slash hussy, soft as a hush puppy [03:17.08]Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen’s [03:20.55]A bitch nigga! [03:21.54]<dr. dre cuts and scratches ’attention all personnel’> [03:22.00] [03:23.73]<’stop..stop..stop scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:24.25]<’..op-stop..ah-op-op-stop-sch-sch-scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:30.41]<’..op-stop..ah-op-op-stop-sch-sch-scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:36.00]<’stop scheamin.. an-an.. an-an.. an-and lookin hard’> [03:43.00]<’stop scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:45.00]<’stop skee-scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:51.09]<’stop scheamin, and.. and.. and.. [03:54.26]Stop scheamin, and lookin hard’> [03:55.06] [03:57.01]Editor 4Fun 06/31/02