[ti:Careless Whisper] [ar:Georage Michael] [al:] [offset:500] [00:21.63]George Michael [00:21.92]Careless Whisper [00:26.74]I feel so unsure [00:31.54]As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor [00:39.00]As the music dies... [00:42.41]Something in your eyes [00:45.33]Calls to mind a silver screen [00:48.29]And all its sad goodbyes [03:10.85][01:55.27][00:52.31]Im never gonna dance again [03:13.60][01:57.36][00:54.49]Guilty feet have got no rhythm [03:17.03][02:01.39][00:58.13]Though its easy to pretend [03:19.80][02:03.85][01:00.71]I know youre not a fool [03:22.95][02:07.03][01:03.92]I should have known better than to cheat a friend [03:26.20][02:10.13][01:07.05]And waste a chance that Id been given [03:29.52][02:13.34][01:10.00]So Im never gonna dance again [03:32.35][02:16.43][01:13.12]The way I danced with you [01:29.59]Time can never mend [01:34.95]The careless whisper of a good friend [01:42.00]To the heart and mind [01:45.39]If your answers kind... [01:48.39]Theres no comfort in the truth [01:51.22]Pain is all youll find [02:44.43]Tonight the music seems so loud [02:47.11]I wish that we could lose this crowd [02:51.00]Maybe its better this way [02:53.33]Wed hurt each other with the things we want to say [02:57.85]We could have been so good together [03:00.00]We could have lived this dance forever... [03:03.46]But now, whos gonna dance with me? [03:08.31]Please stay [03:48.30]Now that youre gone... [04:04.48]Was what I did so wrong? [04:06.05]