[ti:Diamond Dogs] [ar:Beck] [al:红磨坊] [by:Mp3.91.com] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Beck - Diamond Dogs [00:41.52]Written by David Bowie [00:43.52]From Moulin Rouge Soundtrack [00:45.52] [00:47.02]As they pulled you out [00:48.95]Of the oxygen tent [00:51.42]You asked for the latest party [00:55.24]With your silicon hump [00:57.21]And your ten inch stump [00:59.94]Dressed like a priest you was, [01:01.97]Todd Browning streak he was [01:03.72]Crawling down the alley on [01:05.59]Your hands and your knees, [01:07.62]I'm sure you're not protected [01:09.37]For it's plain to see [01:11.94]Diamond Dogs are poachers [01:13.36]And they hide behind trees [01:15.81]Hunt you to the ground they will, [01:17.90]Mannequins with kill appeal [02:25.05][01:20.30]Will they come? [02:26.25][01:21.56]I keep a friend serene [02:28.28][01:23.48]Will they come? [02:30.14][01:25.23]Oh, baby, come unto me [02:31.90][01:27.36]Will they come? [02:34.47][01:29.72]Well, she's come, been, and gone [02:36.44][01:31.74] [02:41.94][01:36.90]Come out of the garden, baby [02:45.64][01:40.94]You'll catch a death in the fog [02:56.69][02:48.92][01:44.12]Young girls, they call them [02:59.97][02:52.04][01:47.18]The Diamond Dogs [01:49.09] [01:52.10]In the year of the scavenger [01:54.35]Season of the b**** [01:56.43]Sashay on the board-walk [01:58.29]Scurry to the ditch [02:00.42]Just another future song [02:02.57]Lonely little Keats [02:04.42]There's gonna be sorrow [02:06.07]Try and wake up for tomorrow [02:08.52]The Halloween Jack [02:10.17]Is a real cool cat, [02:12.57]And he lives on top [02:13.61]Of Manhattan Chase [02:16.52]The elevators broke [02:18.26]So he slides down a rope [02:20.84]Onto the street below [02:22.97]Oh Tarzie, go man, go [03:02.07] [03:46.82]Who-who-who… [04:24.66] [04:27.16] [04:29.03]END