[ti:Let The Beat Build] [ar:LIl Wayne] [al:Tha Carter III] [00:02.00]LIl Wayne - Let The Beat Build [00:04.00] [00:18.28][00:10.59]Yea [00:13.08]I see you big boy [00:15.79]Ima kill these niggas man [00:19.58]Haha...straight off the block with it [00:23.88]Eagle street to be specific [00:26.58]I'm peeping at u people different [00:29.86]I'm payin dues, you keep the difference [00:32.43]I can see the end in the beginning [00:35.69]So i'm not racing, i'm just sprinting [00:38.75]Cuz I don't wanna finish [00:41.97]They diminish I replenish [00:44.82]Scientific, i'm out this world hoe [00:47.80]I wear bright red, like a girl toe, no homo [00:52.28]Fingernail dirty, I been countin dirty money since 12:30 [00:56.58]A.m. weigh them, if they short take them right and back spray him 8 men [01:02.97]Yea, I can do my wayne, [01:05.88]And everytime I do it, I do my thang [01:08.78]Yea believe that, like a true story [01:12.60]Rims big make the car look like its two stories [01:15.68]If I hop out, that'll be suicide, no back seats [01:20.30]Call it paralyzed [01:22.11]I don't have a spine, I don't fantisize [01:25.31]I mastermind, then go after mine [01:28.23]U see I handle mine I dismantle mine [01:31.36]I told her tool box, bitch it's hammertime [01:34.58]So excuse me as I nail em, toss and scale em, just repel em [01:37.29]Ima kill em, someone tell em ima kill em [01:39.98]Ima fill em up, his mama can't tell em [01:41.19]And the doctors can't heal em [01:43.39]Ima kill em and resell em [01:45.17]I kno u smell em [01:46.61]If u want it, u can just yell it [01:48.05]Three in the morning at yo telly [01:49.47]Whole key go for 20, half a key go for 11 [01:52.92]After me there will be nothing, I am legend [01:55.14]And I'm Will Smith [04:31.86][02:02.41][01:56.73]Now thats how u let the beat build bitch [04:28.99][03:29.58][03:27.50][01:59.32]Thats how u let the beat build bitch [03:33.01][02:06.70]Let the beat build bitch [02:09.85]And the beat goes boom, boom, boom, [02:14.63]Boom, boom, boom,boom, boom,boom,boom, [02:17.09]It goes boom, boom, boom, boom, boom [02:20.53]Now say it (yea) [02:23.99]Come on just a snare in the 808 [02:27.40]Weezy baby on the mic, DOA [02:30.21]Ok i'd like to thank kanye [02:33.46]And my nigga diesel for giving me this diesel [02:36.63]Like a F-350, tank never empty [02:39.61]Damn everybody in the bank act friendly [02:42.74]You can think my shit didn't stank boy but yall wrong [02:45.91]I'm pulling million dollar deals from my i-phone [02:49.35]Ima take it 1,2 way back [02:52.19]Like a silk wifebeater and a wavecap [02:55.26]Or the wave pool it blew by you [02:58.30]And I waved fool as I blew by you [03:01.45]Hello how are u, I can buy u, but I wouldn't try u [03:06.26]Feed u to pyru [03:07.81]I know wat i'm doing, I show improvement, show improvement [03:10.61]And I know just to go into it, can never amount to going through it [03:13.20]But whatever how u want to do it, we can do it [03:16.15]Like we lay ay wait, weezy let me just get the 808.... [03:22.11]As I hit the kill switch......now thats how u let the beat build bitch [03:36.18](yea, yea, yea) [03:37.75]And the beat goes boom, boom,boom, [03:40.91]Boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom [03:47.57]Now everybody say yea [03:51.15]And I am the best rapper alive [03:55.92]I am the best rapper alive [03:58.73]And I will eat u alive, [04:01.01]Then I will get in a nigga chest [04:03.09]Like a bunch of phlegm [04:04.37]Like a fucking ram, ima hook, ima lamb, [04:05.92]Ima dump a man in a dumpster can [04:07.55]You ain't a soldier ask uncle sam [04:08.78]Hair nappy like pam [04:09.83]Nigga fuck yo plan fuck yo man [04:11.18]You aint a pimp, unless u get his name booster [04:13.18]Fuck yo man, and fuck yo plan [04:14.49]And all my bitches kno thats my plan [04:15.98]Oh got damn, theres my sam-ple [04:17.84]Play it like thats my band [04:19.03]Gotta get it cleared [04:19.92]Suck my dick wit real lipstick [04:21.64]And don't let it smear [04:22.76]And I got a lot tattoos [04:24.17]And I meant every tear [04:25.52]And i'm still on that street shit [04:26.93]Back to the beat bitch [04:35.11]Let the beat build and say (yea, yea) [04:40.55]And the beat goes boom, boom,boom,boom, boom [04:44.23]It goes boom,boom,boom,boom,boom [04:49.84]Now everybody say it...yea [04:52.86]And the beat goes boom,boom,boom,boom [04:56.19]It goes boom,boom,boom,boom [04:59.48]The beat goes boom,boom,boom [05:02.54]Now say it (yea, yea)