[ti:Darkness, Everybody] [ar:Man Overboard] [al:Real Talk] [00:-4.00]Man Overboard - Darkness, Everybody [02:05.49][01:28.93][01:13.36][00:58.63][00:43.45][00:28.42][00:15.10][00:-1.00] [00:00.56]I've been trying to escape but something keeps calling me. [00:03.94]A feeling I can't shake the darkness has swallowed me. [00:07.72]I can't move fast enough to ditch what has followed me, [00:11.53]and lightening strikes everything that I touch. [00:15.86]This is how it feels for me to be on my own [00:19.18]the sadness has cut me down to the bone, [00:22.65]and it's so bad I don't think I'll make it home tonight. [01:14.01][00:29.11]There's not enough lights in your house [01:16.49][00:31.82]that you could leave on for me tonight. [01:21.32][00:36.46]There's not enough fights I could lose to justify how I feel tonight. [00:44.46]So try calling all your friends and asking what they have heard [00:48.63]you're looking for the gossip and hanging on every word. [00:52.40]I'm not mad it's cute it's actually absurd [00:56.05]I can't believe someone loves me so much. [00:59.40]I've been failing every test and late for the makeup. [01:03.58]Left alone at your request as you do your make up [01:07.27]and I know that I won't make this alright, [01:10.26]before it's over now tonight. [01:47.94]And I know that this wont be the last time [01:51.95]that I walk these streets and I hang my head. [01:56.42]And I know that this won't be the last time [01:59.29]that I walk these streets and I wish I was dead.