[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [by:] [00:14.85]<Chorus> [00:15.27]I apologize For being faithless [00:18.70]I apologize We all have joy and pain [00:22.64]I apologize For life is not easy [00:30.50]I try to live my life [00:32.57]being patient [00:34.03]I try to do it right [00:35.86]Sometimes I don't succeed [00:38.14]There's a guiding light [00:39.82]To give me direction [00:43.13]When I'm standing in the dark [00:45.99]Do we have to fight [00:47.70]Each other [00:49.60]Can't we see the needs [00:51.42]Are we too blind to see [00:53.43]Listen with our hearts [00:55.36]Is what we need now [00:58.73]I'll be the first to say [01:01.30]<Chorus> [01:30.60]We're only human [01:32.21]Saying that we care [01:34.65]Is easy [01:35.99]But if we're never there [01:37.91]It's like a broken vow [01:39.89]Open up your heart [01:42.34]Remember in life we reap what we sow [01:47.18]Hiding from myself [01:49.98]Won't protect me [01:51.63]It's me nobody else [01:53.52]Who ends up as a fool [01:55.44]No more holding back [01:57.22]What I give [02:00.53]I'll give it straight from my heart [02:05.29]<Chorus> [02:34.29]We've gotta make a change [02:36.26]Look into the mirror [02:38.25]We can turn around [02:39.83]Life isn't a one way street [02:42.28]Listen to your heart [02:43.62]If you're lost and lonely [02:45.53]It will show you love [03:06.48]Chorus