[ti:The Different] [ar:Melissa Etheridge] [al:Skin] [00:03.51]Melissa Etheridge - The Different [00:04.08] [03:32.37][03:08.93][02:02.96][01:09.04][00:15.12]You've never been to the moon [03:34.48][03:10.30][02:04.55][01:12.40][00:16.46]But don't you want to go [03:39.35][03:15.15][02:51.18][02:08.76][01:14.98][00:20.93]Under the sea in the volcano [03:44.06][03:20.85][02:56.90][02:14.89][01:20.86][00:26.99]You've never looked into my eyes [03:51.07][03:26.89][02:58.89][02:16.61][01:22.51][00:28.43]But don't you want to know [03:02.99][02:21.17][01:26.80][00:32.96]What the dark and the wild [03:04.55][02:22.44][01:28.39][00:34.45]And the different know [00:39.08]Come dance with me now [00:42.22]We'll dance without a care [00:45.04]I'm as free as a fire [00:48.06]And change is in the air [00:51.03]There are some things in my life [00:54.06]I'll never understand [00:57.16]But they become the force [01:03.24]That makes me who I am [01:07.61] [01:33.00]Don't you worry about the kids [01:36.16]The kids are all right [01:39.08]Mama's rollin' in the back yard [01:42.30]Filled with love and light'cause you live and you learn [01:47.91]And you learn to hold on [01:51.05]And time will make it heal [01:57.10]And time will make it gone [02:25.79]Come with me now [02:31.73]Come with me now [02:38.31]It's time to try [02:44.05]It's time to fly