[ti:I\'m A Flirt] [ar:R.Kelly] [al:Double Up] [00:00.09]I\'m A Flirt (Remix) [00:00.21]R.Kelly feat. T.I. & T-Pain [00:00.44] [00:01.11]Chorus: R.Kelly [00:02.11]I\'m A, I\'m A, I\'m A, I\'m A Flirt [00:03.75]Soon As I See Her Walk Up In The Club (I\'m A Flirt) [00:07.13]Winkin Her Eyes At Me, When I Roll Up On Them Dubs (I\'m A Flirt) [00:10.71]Sometimes When I\'m With My Chick On The Low (I\'m A Flirt) [00:14.20]And When She\'s Wit Her Man Lookin At Me, Damn Right (I\'m A Flirt) [00:17.59]So Homie Don\'t Bring Your Girl To Meet Me \'cause (I\'m A Flirt) [00:21.02]And Baby Don\'t Bring Your Girlfriend To Eat \'cause (I\'m A Flirt) [00:24.56]Please Believe It, Unless Your Game Is Tight And U Trust Her [00:28.36]Then Don\'t Bring Her Around Me \'cause (I\'m A Flirt) [00:30.71] [00:31.17]Verse 1: Kells [00:31.73]Now Swear To Tell The Truth [00:33.54]And The Whole Truth [00:34.22]When It Comes To Hoes I Be Pimpin Like I Supposed To [00:37.88]Rollin LIke I Supposed To [00:39.65]Shinin Like I Supposed To [00:41.56]In The Club, Fuckin Wit Honeys Like I Supposed To [00:45.08]I Don\'t Understand When A Nigga Bring His Girlfriend To Club [00:49.18]Freakin All On The Floor Wit His Girlfriend In The Club [00:52.75]And Wonder Why All These Playas Tryin To Holla At Her [00:55.58]Just Soon As She Go To The Bathroom, Nigga I\'m Goin Holla At Her [00:58.97]A Dog On The Prowl When I\'m Walkin Through The Mall [01:02.93]If I Could Man I Probably Would Flirt Wit All Of Yall [01:06.52]Yeah, Yeah Homie U Say She Yo Girlfriend [01:09.39]But When I Step Up To Her I\'m Be Like Cousin [01:12.89]Believe Me Man, This Is How Them Playas Do It In The Chi [01:16.73]And Plus We Got Them Playette Flirters In The Chi [01:20.23]Now The Moral Of The Story Is Cuff Yo Bitch [01:23.55]\'cause Hey I\'m Black, Handsome, I Sing Plus I\'m Rich And (I\'m A Flirt) [01:26.41] [01:26.88]TI Speaking: [01:27.09]Hey Homie, If U Ain\'t Gettin No Money [01:28.04]U Better Keep Her Away From Me Ya Dig. [01:30.00] [01:30.38]Verse 2: TI [01:30.70]Well If U Love Ya Girl [01:31.16]And Wanna Keep Ya GIrl [01:31.90]Don\'t Be Walkin Up And Askin Me To Meet Ya Girl [01:33.63]\'cause I\'m Well Enough A Flirt When I Speak To Girl [01:35.35]She Winked Her Eyes On The Slide [01:37.19]I Seent U Girl [01:37.47]Better Treat Your Girl Right [01:38.51]\'cause Another Man Will [01:39.17]Better Eat Ya Girl LIke Another Man Will [01:40.51]\'cause U Leave Your Wife [01:41.55]And I See Ya Wife [01:42.29]That Be For Real [01:43.07]How Long U Think That\'s Finna Be Ya Wife [01:44.10]Well I\'m Livin The Life [01:44.94]You Just Gettin It Right [01:45.83]Your Old Lady Look At Me [01:46.77]\'cause U Ain\'t Hittin It Right [01:47.51]She Probably Used To Like U [01:48.45]\'cause U That Business Type [01:49.30]That\'s Until I Came Along [01:50.22]And Put Some Dick In Her Life [01:51.23]Wanna See How It Is [01:52.03]Make Her Thick In Her Life [01:52.85]I Noticed She Was Checkin Me [01:53.69]And Diggin The Ice [01:54.59]And If I Get That Tonight [01:55.79]Better Hit That Twice [01:56.46]I Can Even Make Her Mine [01:57.28]If I HIt That Right [01:58.11]You Know Smack That Thang [01:59.09]Sit That Right [01:59.96]Up On That Dresser [02:00.74]Yeah That\'s Right [02:01.58]Pullin On Her Hair [02:02.07] [02:02.49]Like We Gettin In A Fight [02:03.42]Yeah I Know It\'s Kinda Tight [02:04.27]But It\'ll Score Just Right [02:05.65]So If Yo Girl Sexy [02:06.67]And She Test Me [02:07.64]Don\'t Be Upset G [02:08.54]\'cause U Might Catch Me [02:09.10]Tryin To Catch A Glance Up Her Skirt [02:09.42]Put My Glan In Reverse [02:10.32]Then If I See Her And I Like Her Then I\'m A Flirt [02:12.42] [02:13.03]Verse 3: T-Pain [02:13.40]When I Pull Up To Club [02:16.97]All The Shawties Be Like (Damn 28\'s) [02:19.48]Then I Be LIke Girl U Know Just Who I Am (Don\'t Hate) [02:22.78]Say I Done Fell In Love Wit A Stripper Yall [02:26.08]All I Do Is Flirt With Her, And I Get Them Draws [02:29.47]And I Don\'t Need No Help, I Got It Down Pact [02:33.32]Teddy Paine Was Born To Flirt Now U Can\'t Down That [02:36.75]Now I\'m Flirt With Her Whether I\'m In Or Out Of Town [02:39.57]That\'s Why They Call Me Teddy Bend Her Ass Down [02:42.99]I be like [02:43.58]Como te llama lil momma [02:44.90]Me llama Pain [02:46.44]What Is Yo Name [02:47.60]I\'m Feelin Yo Vibe [02:49.02]And I\'m Hopin U Feel The Same [02:51.27]I\'m A Wink My Eye And Let U Know I Got The Game [02:54.57]When I Pass By I Know Exactly What U Say [02:57.98]He\'s So Fly [02:59.48]And He\'s So Cool [03:01.24]Hey Shawty(Hey Shawty) [03:04.15]What It Do [03:05.23]He Mad \'cause I\'m Lookin But I Already Fucked Her [03:09.11]I Got These Niggas Mad \'cause (I\'m A Flirt) [03:10.91] [03:12.19]Chorus [03:38.00] [03:38.22]Verse 4: Kells [03:39.79]It\'s The Remix [03:42.18]Now If U Walk Up In The Club [03:43.45]Wit A Bad Chick [03:44.11]And She Lookin At Me [03:45.00]Then I\'m Gon Hit [03:45.82]Man Jackin For Chicks [03:46.95]I Tried To Quit [03:47.61]But I\'m Playa Homie [03:48.45]So I Had To Hit [03:49.40]While U Buyin Her Drinks (In The Club) [03:50.29]Actin Like U (In Love) Stunnin Like U (All Thug) [03:54.50]We Was (Switch Numbers) [03:56.40]She Lookin At U When I Walk By [03:58.38]U Turn Yo Head, She Wink Her Eye [04:00.47]I Can\'t Help If She Checkin For A Platinum Type Of Guy [04:03.59]She Be Callin Me Daddy, And I Be Callin Her Mommy [04:07.09]She Be Callin U Kelly, When Yo Name Is Tommy [04:10.62]I Don\'t Know What Yall Be Thinkin [04:12.09]When U Bring Em Round Me [04:13.85]Let Me Remind U That I Am The King Of R [04:17.38]Do U Know What That Means [04:18.94]That Means If U Love Yo Chick [04:20.64]Don\'t Bring Her To The VIP [04:21.95]\'cause I Might Leave Wit Yo Chick [04:24.45]Just Keepin It Real (My Nigga) [04:25.95]It\'s A Playa\'s Field (My Nigga) [04:27.68]Don\'t Take No Chick To The Club When U Just Met Her [04:30.68]\'cause I\'m Flirt Wit Her (Right) [04:32.93]He Gon Flirt Wit Her (Right) [04:34.93]And If She Lookin Dat Good Shyt [04:37.02]She Gon Flirt Wit Her [04:38.43] [04:38.88]Chorus: Til Song Fades [05:12.00]