[ti:Satellite] [ar:Natalie Imbruglia] [al:White Lilies Island] [by:炫网资讯 Liuxuan.com] [offset:500] [00:17.45]Do you lie awake in the morning [00:20.70]Trying to find a reason to call me [00:23.46]Cause honey all that Ive been doing [00:26.35]Is thinking about your smile [00:29.55]But none of this is necessary [00:31.74]with me baby [00:33.12]You see baby [00:35.14]Cause I like to keep it all simple [02:17.00][01:31.56][00:41.67]Cause you are my Satellite [02:22.54][01:38.00][00:47.48]So Im trying to keep you in sight [02:28.19][01:43.66][00:53.02]But with all this space [02:29.61][01:45.24][00:54.79]Can we keep it alive [02:31.20][01:46.67][00:56.10]Keep it alive [02:32.66][01:48.13][00:57.64]So Im asking you baby [02:34.08][01:49.63][00:59.15]Are you coming down tonight [02:38.67][01:58.69]铜丸 [01:07.94]Theres something in the air tonight [01:10.86]That feels right [01:12.14]But youre keeping me guessing and Im- [01:13.91]finding it hard to catch your eye [01:19.85]So move a little closer [01:22.27]Its alright [01:23.96]I know what youre thinking [01:25.62]Youve been circling me for a while