[ti:56 Bars (Intro)] [ar:T.I.] [al:Paper Trail] [00:01.79]56 Bars (Intro) [00:02.83]T.I. [00:04.07](Lyrics By 柠檬Grace-送给白巧克力) [00:04.97][Talking] [00:05.33]Yeeaaaa... [00:06.96]Hey, hey, hey, hahahaha [00:11.33]Aight Toomp man, this what the folkes been waitin on I guess, [00:14.16]That's right [00:14.88]Let's give it to 'em baby [00:16.65]Grand Hustle nigga, [00:19.44]Aye man they been waitin on this shit since "What You Know" huh? [00:21.96]Yeaaaa [00:23.90]It's the king bitch [00:26.11]Aight my nigga, the wait is over nigga [00:27.71]Hey, hey [00:28.18] [00:28.56][Verse 1] [00:29.21]One for da money, two for da show dawg, [00:31.90]Three for the niggas hatin' on da low, ya'll [00:35.31]know a picture worth a million words I'ma show ya'll [00:38.20]Death before da son, a family before all [00:41.37]Witout da braids I'm da closest thing to O-Dawg [00:44.97]Minus the testimony, [00:46.48]Say it ain't so, homie! [00:48.12]Hey, [00:49.15]Shawty like that, don't he? [00:51.04]World hopped off my jock, I got him right back on it [00:54.29]OH! [00:55.29]Step back brush myself off, [00:57.39]Pick business back up, right where I left off, [01:00.37]I can show my dope, dat other guy just talk, [01:03.65]Aye, where I live just as big as yo projects, dog [01:06.87]Aye, haha [01:07.92]Better check my swagga [01:10.49]How I walk, how I talk, how I stack dat chedda, [01:13.61]What I drive, how I dress, nigga looks just betta, [01:16.85]Hundred stacks on that nigga I'm just...Betta [01:20.85]Hahahahaha [01:21.86]Somebody better tell 'em mayne [01:24.32]They swag owe my swag everything [01:26.93]Very plain to see you study me awful hard [01:30.24]To the point that my swag need a bodyguard [01:33.48]I'd like to thnik to thank you cuz uhh ya'll oughta be [01:36.69]Havin' ya'll swags sendin mines an apology [01:39.96]A lot of little mes, I see, got beef [01:42.66]But what's the possibility, stop, see, you not me [01:46.03]Hardly work for hella beams, [01:47.70]Step up to the guillotine [01:49.17]Get decapitated, [01:50.67]Don't see how half you rappas made it [01:52.38]Say good...bye to the fame and the fortune [01:54.84]Say la vi [01:55.98]What the game need with you, nigga? They got me [01:58.76]I ride through the city so clean, [02:01.51]Seat really low, auto-mo [02:03.36]billies, so pretty, but I'm illy tho [02:05.73]No comparison [02:07.20]Ain't a nigga mo' thorough than this gangsta american [02:10.58]Flow, dope or da heroin, [02:12.15]King like Evalyn, [02:13.77]Champaigne mayne [02:15.30]So durranged and buligerant [02:17.04]Ranked up there with Benjamin [02:18.77]Who? Andre 3K, B.I.G., Jay-Z, UGK, Scarface, Machievelli the great, [02:23.60]Wayne, Common, Kanye and [02:25.05]Lupe [02:25.80] [02:26.85]You welcome to ask who you made, [02:28.20]Bet they say as of today, [02:29.74]I'm back on top like a toupe [02:31.50]Hey [02:32.41]All objections overruled [02:33.81]It's overdue both high, [02:35.25]and sober too, I'm so high [02:36.86]up over you, [02:38.49]Same guy you see in the streets it's as fly as here in the booth, [02:41.12]So don't be surprised when you meet me to see that I'm really the truth, [02:44.55]Oooo [02:45.24]So uncoof [02:46.16]Nigga, who want proof? [02:47.41]Must agree that shit idea, [02:49.23]Can't no one undo, [02:50.79]I stay on my 1,2 [02:52.83]Nigga who want 2? [02:53.94]Turn a brunch into a brawl, [02:55.69]Do what you gon' do, [02:57.06]I'm wired [02:58.23]Hot as a bitch and still, [02:59.47]Cool as a fridge and dear, [03:01.61]This year I'm on a mission dear, [03:02.99]