[ti:Another Love Story] [ar:Play] [al:Don't Stop The Music] [00:01.42]歌曲:Another Love Story [00:04.31]歌手:Play [03:04.78] [00:05.14]I don't wanna hear another love story.. [02:47.61] [00:07.76]Turn the page, it's all history [02:50.08] [00:10.47]Take a pen write your name on my heart [02:52.80] [00:12.86]If we try we can make it better [00:24.04]See I heard it all before she did you wrong [00:27.57]Cause you pain, your heart's been broken [00:30.17]Don't mean to be cruel [00:32.03]But you gotta let it go [00:34.60]And I know you think you'd never find someone new [00:37.58]But lemme break it down for you [00:40.11]I've been lonely too, and baby I made it through so.. [01:05.60]Better, better, better, better [01:14.48]See I'm not the kinda girl to love and leave [01:17.59]Don't be afraid I'm right here with you [01:20.53]I know how it feels, when you loose the one you love [01:24.95]Now you're way to proud to open up [01:27.89]But what about the two of us [01:30.41]All you gotta do is trust in me [01:33.76]Can't you see that [01:55.07]How many tears have you wasted [01:59.55]Holding on to love that's passed [02:04.97]I really think its time that you face them [02:09.67]Cause we got something better [02:11.83]But you gotta learn to give it a chance