[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [by:] [00:23.35]Sometime's I'm right Sometime's I'm wrong [00:28.24]But he doesn't care He'll String along [00:37.95]That funny honey of mine [00:45.90]Sometime's I'm down Sometime's I'm up [00:50.83]But he follows 'round Like some droopy-eyed pup [00:57.78]He love me so [01:00.86]That sunny honey of mine [01:08.43]He ain't no sheik [01:11.22]That's no great physique [01:14.20]Lord knows, he ain't got the smarts [01:18.97]Oh, but look at that soul [01:21.66]I tell you, the whole [01:24.19]Is a whole lot greater than The sum of his parts [01:33.14]And if you knew him like me [01:38.71]I know you'd agree [01:44.17]What if the world [01:46.10]Slandered my name? [01:49.26]Why, he'd be right there [01:52.57]Taking the blame [01:55.89]He loves me so [01:58.41]And it all suits me fine [02:05.83]That funny, sunny, honey Hubby of mine [02:24.99]He loves me so [02:28.31]That funny honey of mine [02:41.95]Lord knows he ain't got the smarts [02:58.47]Now, he shot off his trap [03:01.42]I can't stand that sap [03:04.65]Look at him go Rattin' on me [03:09.02]With just one more brain [03:11.53]What a half-wit he'd be [03:14.94]If they string me up [03:18.14]I'll know who Brought the twine [03:25.05]That scummy, crummy Dummy hubby of mine!