[ti:Just Like The Movies] [ar:蔡健雅] [al:Jupiter] [00:23.58]So here's a fact can't hide it no more [00:27.54]I wanna have a Love Story [00:31.77]Like in the movies she'll get what she deserves [00:35.96]A better life,better sex [00:40.37]And she wouldn't know how she'd do without him [00:44.53]He can't believe that he's ready to settle [00:48.79]Like in the movies I wanna get what I deserve [00:53.65] [02:25.42][01:01.45]You're perfect angel you're not far from the truth [02:29.62][01:05.64]You read your lines so smoothly [02:33.84][01:09.64]I like your blue eyes [02:35.73][01:11.53]I like the way you move [02:37.89][01:13.75]So take the lead role make me feel so [02:42.22][01:18.07]I would't know how I'd do without you [02:46.42][01:22.14]I can't believe that you're ready to settle [02:50.60][01:26.42]Just like the movies I'm gonna get what I deserve [02:56.57][01:31.77] [03:30.28][02:59.48][01:38.84]La la la la..... [03:36.58][03:04.86][01:44.95]I want a love story [03:40.48][03:08.71][02:21.88][02:17.69][02:13.34][01:48.27]La la la la..... [03:44.83][03:12.96][02:19.63][02:15.42][01:52.79]Like in the movies [03:48.89][03:17.36][01:57.16]La la la la..... [03:53.66][03:21.70][02:01.65]I want a love story [03:57.71][03:25.96][02:06.12]Like in the movies