[ti:High On the Tide] [ar:Fyfe Dangerfield] [al:Fly Yellow Moon] [by:van] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Fyfe Dangerfield - High On the Tide [00:39.11] [00:41.11]There's salt in the air, it's a taste that I know [00:47.80]and the memory of you has started to go [00:54.46]Sometimes we live just to get thrown [01:00.89]And so a cheap train ticket [01:03.61]is carrying me back to my home [01:07.11]High on the tide [01:10.43]Chasing my demons away completely [01:13.83]High on the tide [01:17.08]Can in my hand going down so sweetly [01:20.45]High on the tide [01:23.61]Don't wake me up and tell me that I'm dreaming [01:31.11]it's just how I am [01:34.24] [01:41.32]Stumbling barefoot over the sands [01:47.99]With no-one and nothing at my command [01:54.67]But with the waves on the shore and the sea in my hair [02:01.51]I can honestly say this [02:03.89]I really and truly don't care [02:07.36]High on the tide [02:10.55]Killing my boredom by doing nothing [02:14.11]High on the tide [02:17.34]Finally this world resembles something [02:20.78]High on the tide [02:23.93]Oh who needs friends when all they have opinions [02:31.41]Hey I'm doing fine. [02:34.81] [02:54.92]For once in my life [02:57.17]I'm glad to be here not there [03:01.05]High on the tide [03:04.31]Sun falling down but it feels like morning [03:07.68]High on the tide [03:10.81]Tomorrow is just an idea [03:13.74]On the high tide [03:17.46]Don't wake me up and tell me that you're leaving [03:25.44]I already know [03:28.59] [04:48.39]End