[ti:My dream] [ar:]未知 [al:]一路上有你英文版 [00:01.00]My dream [00:03.77] [00:04.09]每天夜里,我梦着你,希望你会在这 [00:05.65]陪伴着我 [00:10.50][01:43.50]I dream of you everyday of my life, 梦着你 在我生命中的每一天 [00:16.50][01:48.50]but you don’t even know my love.但你却不懂我有多爱你 [00:21.50]Just like a friend you treat me like it should be,你真的只是把我当作朋友 [00:26.50][01:58.50]tell me how can I make this real告诉我怎样才梦想成真 [00:31.50][02:03.20]I think of you everywhere that I go无论去到哪里我都会想起你 [00:37.00][02:08.50]but you don’t even know I care,可你却不懂我有多在乎你 [00:42.30][02:13.50]oh how I wish,you are here beside me,哦 我多希望 你就在我的身旁 [00:47.50][02:19.30]loving you with all of my heart,用心爱着你 [00:53.50][02:25.30]I wish you know how much I love you,我多希望你知道 我有多爱你 [00:57.50][02:29.50]its been driving my heart crazy,这让我心绪不宁 [01:03.30][02:35.50]If I tell you`how I feel will you be here,我该不该告诉你 幻想着你在这里 [01:08.50][02:40.50]be here with me~~和我厮守 [01:14.50][02:45.50][03:34.50][03:55.50]oh am I dreaming, or just fantasy,梦着你 也许只是梦幻一场 [01:19.80][02:51.50][03:40.50][04:00.50]how can I know if you let me in your heart,怎么才能打开你的心扉 [01:24.50][02:56.50][03:45.50][04:05.30]oh am I dreaming, or just reality,梦着你 也许有一天会如愿以偿 [01:29.85][03:01.50][03:50.30]please let me hold you in my arms throughout the night请让我拥着你 时时刻刻 [01:53.50]Just like a friend [01:56.00]you treat me like it should be, [04:10.50]