[ti:Caramel] [ar:Suzanne Vega] [al:Close-Up: Vol 1, Love Songs] [by:李泽昊] [00:02.00]Suzanne Vega - Caramel [00:06.00]LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang [00:10.00]@ www.1ting.com @ [02:57.59][02:25.43][02:09.84][01:53.66][01:21.40][01:05.12][00:48.51][00:32.43][00:14.00] [02:29.67][00:33.33][00:16.84]It won't do [02:33.95][00:20.96]to dream of caramel, [02:38.13][00:25.25]to think of cinnamon [02:41.81][00:29.02]and long for you. [00:37.18]to stir a deep desire, [00:41.54]to fan a hidden fire [00:45.36]that can never burn true. [01:55.88][00:51.71]I know your name, [02:00.41][00:56.09]I know your skin, [02:04.67][01:00.26]I know the way [02:06.92][01:02.39]these things begin; [02:10.61][01:05.78]But I don't know [01:09.66]how I would live with myself, [01:13.19]what I'd forgive of myself [02:21.76][01:17.22]if you don't go. [01:36.86]So goodbye, [01:42.53]sweet appetite, [01:46.50]no single bite [01:49.71]could satisfy... [02:14.23]how I would give of myself, [02:17.68]what I would live with myself