[ti:Harbor Song] [ar:Suzanne Vega] [al:Close-Up: Vol 1, Love Songs] [00:02.00]Suzanne Vega - Harbor Song [00:04.00] [00:10.72]I dreamed you were a rich man [00:22.01]and that I had no place to go [00:33.87]I came to you to see if you would take me in [00:44.88]through golden curtains you told me you'd let me know. [00:57.96]well, you drink for ten and you smoke for twenty [01:10.18]and your fickle heart will never be true [01:21.54]but still I feel the wind in from the harbor [01:32.82]that's when I know the longing for you [01:44.54]when I know the old longing for you. [01:58.02]I saw you in my mind's eye [02:08.73]you were laid out on your final day [02:19.77]I stood in line to see that handsome face once more [02:31.79]it had been so dear to me, and I kissed you as you lay [02:43.47]you were so dear, I kissed you as you lay. [02:56.17]now, whenever I do travel [03:06.75]if to Portugal, England, or Spain [03:18.54]as I do walk by the shipyards and the harbors [03:30.13]I smell the salt, and the bay rum of your ghost again [03:42.20]I know the salt, and the bay rum, you beside me again.