[ti:Songs In Red And Gray] [ar:Suzanne Vega] [al:Close-Up: Vol 1, Love Songs] [00:02.00]Suzanne Vega - Songs In Red And Gray [00:08.00] [00:23.13]The reproach on your daughter's most beautiful face [00:28.61]Made me wonder just how she could know [00:32.72]Of that something that happened between you and me [00:38.21]So much more than a long time ago [00:43.29]Her mother, I can see, lives within her still [00:47.80]Cause she looked at me with her eyes [00:52.49]Though I had only just met her right then [00:57.49]I feel that she peeled back my guilty disguise [01:11.51]Did I break the thread, or did you break the thread? [01:16.67]Well at this point we could ask who cares [01:21.22]As for the promises broken and frayed [01:26.03]Well it's 19 years late for repairs [01:31.07]The grey pewter vase held the deep red rose, [01:36.54]One piece of coral shone white, [01:40.97]By the brass candlestick near your red velvet coat, [01:45.37]Is everything I can recall of one night [02:18.59]Will you please tell me why I remember these things [02:24.04]After all of this time, I don't know [02:28.82]I must have left all those feelings inside [02:33.77]Cause that year I had no courage to show [02:38.66]Was I the name you could never pronounce? [02:43.26]Or did I even figure at all? [02:48.23]All of this happened before she was born [02:52.95]Did I shadow her young pencil marks on the wall [02:58.19]Still I am sure I was only but one [03:02.86]Of a number who darkened that door [03:07.52]Of your home and your hearth and your family and wife [03:12.37]Who'd been darkened so often before [03:17.47]And the red leaf looks to the hard gray stone [03:22.17]To each other, they know what they mean [03:26.78]Somewhere, their future is still yet to come [03:31.63]In ways that are yet as of now unforeseen