[ti:Breaks My Heart] [ar:Monica] [al:All Eyez On Me] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Monica - Breaks My Heart [00:02.37] [00:04.37]Hey, yeah... [00:06.43]Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah [00:10.12]Hey, yeah [00:14.70]Oh...oh...oh...oh... [00:20.47]Oh, yeah [00:26.71]Oh...oh... [00:29.35] [00:30.20]When I think of what I've done [00:32.21]All the pain that I've brought [00:33.95]Baby, you should have walked out on me [00:37.60]And when I've turned away from you [00:39.80]Whenever there were hard times [00:41.91]How could you still be with me [00:45.17]And if it was no mistake when I hurt you that day [00:49.08]And went out with somebody knew [00:52.56]But still you forgave me like it was so easy [00:56.82]I should have been mad at you [03:32.35][03:02.68][01:59.38][00:59.51]Baby, it breaks my heart [03:36.77][03:06.94][02:03.45][01:03.77]To think that lovin' me is not so easy to do [03:39.86][03:09.92][02:06.45][01:06.79]And I don't mean to make it hard [03:44.15][03:14.13][02:10.65][01:10.98]Sorry for all the changes I put you through [03:47.11][03:17.31][02:13.87][01:14.21]And it's hard to believe after everything [03:52.00][03:22.35][02:18.40][01:18.72]You're still here right beside me [03:54.71][03:24.79][02:21.38][01:21.65]Wouldn't trade you for this whole world [03:57.70][03:27.87][02:24.34][01:24.65]Thankful just bein' your girl [02:28.69][01:28.98] [01:29.88]Never gave you my heart 'cause I never thought [01:33.92]You deserved any of me [01:37.27]I never told you how I felt [01:39.47]when deep inside I knew that [01:41.45]You're really what I need [01:44.67]And I always gave you up whenever I saw [01:48.93]Something bettere along [01:52.41]And right when Ie back you're waitin' for me [01:56.82]And you wee me home [02:29.60]And if it takes my whole life [02:31.82]I'll make it up to you [02:34.54]'Cause I've been so cruel [02:37.29]And you've given your love to me [02:39.44]In spite of everything [02:41.29]I-I don't deserve you [02:44.82]From this day forward I'm truly yours [02:48.49]But it took me a while to see [02:52.19]That we were meant for one another [02:56.16]Thank you for loving me [04:02.68]Da-da-da-da-da [04:06.97]Da-da-da-da [04:10.01]Da-da-da-da-da [04:13.78]Oh, I...I...I... [04:17.61]Da-da-da [04:19.38] [00:00.00][99:99.99]本站歌词来自互联网