[ti:THE MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES] [ar:Joni Mitchell] [al:Misses专辑1996年] [00:00.00] [00:02.50]身兼歌手、词曲作者的是以批判现实主义闻名的70年代民谣天后Joni Mitchell。 [00:07.00]此曲揭露了天主教针对妓女设立的慈善收容所中的罪恶。 [00:10.00][03:56.00]注:MAGDALENE本意“妓女收容所”,翻译时保持直译“马格达林”的隐喻性。 [00:15.00][04:03.50] [00:16.00][04:04.00](O^~^O)...CherQQ制作,歌词自译....p(^-^)q [00:17.00] [00:20.00]THE MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES(马格达林洗衣店) [00:22.50] [00:23.00]I was an unmarried girl  我是一个未婚的女孩, [00:25.80]I'd just turned twenty-seven  刚满27。 [00:30.00]When they sent me to the sisters  当他们派我到“姐妹”, [00:34.35]For the way men looked at me  对于男人们这样看着我, [00:37.35]Branded as a jezebel  打着荡妇的烙印, [00:41.80]I knew I was not bound for Heaven  我知道我没有前往天堂。 [00:45.80]I'd be cast in shame  我会感到耻辱 [00:47.85]Into the Magdalene laundries  进入马格达林洗衣店。 [00:59.00] [00:59.50]Most girls come here pregnant  大部分女孩来到这里已怀孕, [01:03.50]Some by their own fathers  一些由自己的父亲。 [01:08.15]Bridget got that belly  布里奇特得到的肚子, [01:10.55]By her parish priest  是她教区牧师的。 [01:15.00]We're trying to get things white as snow  我们正试图把事情粉饰如雪白, [01:17.68]All of us woe-begotten-daughters  我们大家是休戚与共的、天父所生的女儿。 [01:21.40]In the streaming stains  在污秽的 [01:23.85]Of the Magdalene laundries  马格达林洗衣店。 [01:34.50] [01:35.00]Prostitutes and destitutes  妓女和无依无靠的女人, [01:39.00]And temptresses like me  还有像我这样的妖怪。 [01:41.30]Fallen women  堕落的女人们 , [01:44.35]Sentenced into dreamless drudgery ...  被惩罚作无梦的苦役... [01:50.77]Why do they call this heartless place  为什么他们把这种无情的地方 [01:54.30]Our Lady of Charity?  称“圣母慈善”? [01:57.63]Oh charity!  噢,“慈善”! [02:06.55] [02:07.05]These bloodless brides of Jesus  这些信仰耶稣、没有生气的新娘, [02:10.00]If they had just once glimpsed their groom  若她们只有露脸一次的新郎。 [02:13.50]Then they'd know, and they'd drop the stones  当时他们已知情,并且他们落井下石, [02:17.50]Concealed behind their rosaries  躲在自己的念珠之后。(*天主教念珠会) [02:21.10]They wilt the grass they walk upon  他们走时被遗弃的女人已衰弱枯萎, [02:25.80]They leech the light out of a room  他们吸尽血汗后匆匆离开。 [02:28.80]They'd like to drive us down the drain  他们希望把我们付诸东流, [02:32.30]At the Magdalene laundries  在马格达林洗衣店 [02:43.50] [02:44.00]Peg O'Connell died today  记牢今天,奥康内尔的死亡, [02:46.60]She was a cheeky girl, A flirt  她是一个厚脸皮的女孩,一个调情者, [02:49.30]They just stuffed her in a hole!  他们只是将她塞进一个土坑! [02:51.25]Surely to God you'd think at least some bells should ring! [02:57.40]当然上帝你会觉得至少有一些福音钟声在鸣响! [02:57.95] [02:58.45]One day I'm going to die here too  有一天我也会死在这里, [03:02.10]And they'll plant me in the dirt  他们把我扔进土里, [03:07.10] (Like) Some lame bulb  (就像)那些腐烂的球茎, [03:08.50]That never blooms come any spring  永远等不到春天花开的时候…… [03:13.50]How any spring  怎么会有春天? [03:16.00] [03:16.40]Oh.... [03:32.20] [03:32.70]Ah... [03:40.05] [03:41.05]Nobody any spring  没人有春天 [03:50.20]Not any spring  没有任何春天 [03:55.00]