[ti:Crying In The Rain] [ar:5566] [al: ] [offset:500] [00:01.00]歌曲:Crying In The Rain [00:03.00]歌手:5566 [00:43.12]I'll never let you see [00:48.07]The way my broken heart is hurting me [00:52.80]I've got my fride and I know how to hide [00:57.48]All my sorrow and pain [01:01.10][01:27.36][02:19.81][03:36.12][03:41.30][03:46.52]I'll do my crying in the rain [01:09.31]If I wait for stormy skies [01:13.92]You won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes [01:19.14]You'll never know that I still love you so [01:23.64]Though the heartaches remain [01:35.39][02:56.72]Raindrops falling from heaven [01:39.82][03:01.25]Could never take away my misery [01:45.34][03:06.67]But since we're not together [01:47.66][03:09.09]I'll wait for storm weather [01:50.24][03:11.64]To hide these tears I hope you'll never see [02:01.71][03:17.79]Someday when my crying's done [02:06.77][03:22.85]I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun [02:11.39][03:27.52]I maybe a fool but till then daring [02:15.52][03:31.67]You'll never see me.plain [00:00.00][99:99.99]本站歌词来自一听音乐网