[ti:Love is] [ar:Vanessa Wihiams & Brian McKnight] [offset:500] [00:28.16]They say it's a river, that circles the Earth [00:34.26]A beam of light shinin' to the edge of the universe [00:40.63]It conquers all [00:46.36]It changes everything [00:51.95]They say it's a blessing [00:54.65]They say it's a gift [00:57.44]They say it's a miracle [00:59.94]and I believe that it is [01:04.08]It conquers all [01:10.15]But it's a mystery [03:22.02][01:15.78]Love breaks your heart [03:27.57][01:21.71]Love takes no less than everyting [03:33.57][01:27.73]Love makes it hard [03:38.97][01:33.03]And it fades away so easily [01:42.94]In this world we've created [01:45.38]In this place that we live [01:48.41]In the blink of an eye babe, the darkness slips in [01:54.36]Love lights the world [02:00.49]Unites the lovers for eternity [03:45.57][02:06.49]Love breaks the chains [03:51.54][02:12.38]Love aches for every one of us [03:57.44][02:18.27]Love takes the tears and the pain [04:02.48][02:23.46]And then turns it into the beauty that remains [02:30.50]Look at this place [02:35.44]It was paradise [02:38.18]But now it's dying [02:42.25]I'll pray for love [02:48.14]I'll take, my chances [02:51.55]that it's not too late [03:43.92]Oh Oh Oh