[ti:Casablanca] [ar:Bertie Higgins] [al:] [00:00]《Casablanca 》 [00:03] [00:06]Sung By "Bertie Higgins" [00:09] [00:15]I fell in love with you [00:18]Watching Casablanca [00:23]Back row at the driven show [00:26]In the flickering light [00:31]Pop-corn and cokes beneath the stars [00:35]Became champagne and caviare [00:40]Making love on the long hot summer's night [00:45] [00:46]I thought you fell in love with me [00:48]Watching Casablanca [00:55]Holding hand beneath the paddle fan [00:57]In Rick's candle lit cafe [01:02]Hiding in the shadows from the spots [01:05]A rocky moon light in your arms [01:08]Making magic in the movies [01:11]In your old Chevrolet [03:20][02:50][01:15] [03:21][02:51][01:16]Oh'a kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca [03:29][02:59][01:24]A kiss in not a kiss without your sigh [03:36][03:06][01:31]Please come back to me in Casablanca [03:52][03:44][03:14][01:39]I love you more and more each day [03:56][03:46][03:16][01:42]As time goes by [04:00][01:47](music) [02:20] [02:21]I guess there are many broken hearts [02:24]In Casablanca [02:28]You know I've really been there [02:31]So I don't know [02:36]I guess our love story will never be seen [02:40]On the big wide silver screen [02:43]But it hurt as bad [02:45]When I had to watch you go [04:05] [04:06]The End.