[ti:Amazing Grace] [ar:Hayley Westenra] [al:] [by:] [00:00.00]Amazing Grace [00:07.90]by Hayley Weatenra [00:12.95] [00:27.24]Amazing Grace,how sweet the sound, [00:36.95]That saved a wretch like me! [00:46.99]I once was lost but now am found, [00:56.74]Was blind,but now I see. [01:04.72] [01:07.15]T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear, [01:16.71]And Grace,my fears relieved; [01:27.13]How precious did that grace appear, [01:36.56]The hour I first believed. [01:44.74] [01:47.26]Through many dangers,toils and snares, [01:56.82]We have already come; [02:06.83]T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far, [02:16.68]And Grace will lead us home. [02:29.33] [02:29.73]When we've been here one thousand years bright shining as the sun. [02:49.46]We've no less days to sing God's praise, [02:59.31]Than when we've first begun. [03:09.66]Than when we've first begun. [03:27.07]--------------END---------------