[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [by:] [00:02.27]《Tuxedo》 [00:03.06]作词:张超 作曲:潘伟屹 [00:03.79]演唱:踏西男孩 [00:04.31] [00:05.26]It's must be a dream [00:09.01]I'm here now [00:12.32]let's do this [03:11.45][02:56.51][02:27.09][02:11.28][01:18.92][01:04.39][00:18.72]tuxedo tuxedo tututu tuxedo [03:15.20][03:00.12][02:29.51][02:15.13][01:22.65][01:07.00][00:22.04]go les't go les't go go gogogo [00:26.87]AH~ 快點靠近我吧 請別對我say NO BABY [00:33.99]Yo, They don't really know, how to get down with you (ha) [00:36.90]T-U-X to the E-D- who (huh?) [00:38.04](Nan) necke mit dem beat with 踏西's flow ma [00:39.67](Kenny) Oh, whoa! Go for the show! [00:41.48]那是當然咯, she likes the way I roll [00:43.68]我們的秘密就是 we think you so cute though [00:45.30]Hot, like 100 degrees 'til the water boils [00:47.14]Kenny and Nan here are like my real bros, yo [01:56.48][00:48.91]請告訴我我的未來停在哪 [02:00.09][00:52.59]其實我一直想對你說那句話 [00:56.45]你的眼神讓我看到綻放的花 [01:03.80]Here we go now [01:11.52]AH~ 快點靠近我吧 請別對我say NO BABY [01:26.39]HA~ 你眼睛在說話 我思緒就快要爆炸 STOP~ [01:41.70]What's your mood at come on let's true that [01:43.89]Me and the T-Boys always do that [01:45.19]Chill with the flow then let's move that [01:46.95]Reflect to the music and let's move back [01:48.97]This the jam DJ come loop that [01:50.84]JNK to 踏西bet you knew that [01:52.81]Miss this chance and for sure blew that [01:54.52]But then we got this so now the crew's back [02:03.84]你的眼神讓我看到泯滅的童話【合】 [02:19.01]HA~ 快點靠近我吧 請別對我say NO BABY [03:19.32][02:34.16]HA~ 你眼睛在說話 我思緒就快要爆炸 [02:41.49]HEY BABY 請別閃躲 [02:48.76]因為你看不見我面具下的溫柔 [03:04.01]HA~ 快點靠近我吧 請別對我say NO BABY [03:26.64]tuxedo tuxedo tu tu xe do 【合】 [03:31.04]Tuxedo [03:31.99]制作人: 张超 潘伟屹