[ti:Nobody] [ar:萧亚轩] [al:Elva First(日版)] [00:01.93]Love... shatters a lonely heart [00:08.17]Up in the open sky [00:11.71]I see your face in the dark [00:15.62]Oh my love... far from the earth [00:20.83]Where you're holding me close [00:25.92]Baby I ... I love you so [00:44.44]Love... dreams and illusions [00:51.19]I see in your eyes [00:54.91]Losing myself in your lies [00:58.87]I'm alone... [01:01.94]walking back home on my own [01:06.22]Lost and cold, [01:09.14]Can't find you anymore [02:25.79][01:13.52]Tears flowed; they've gone cold [02:32.28][01:20.20]Crying in my sorrow [02:39.09][01:27.22]And no matter how I try and I try to [02:42.90][01:30.68]Remember where you used to be [02:46.54][01:34.26]I search my heart [02:48.81][01:36.57]and I find there's no one there [02:53.15][01:41.32]Woh... midnight [02:58.07][01:44.91]I feel like I've died in my sleep [03:01.05][01:49.37]at last everything is amount and a minutes to me [03:08.13][01:48.92]Looking back on those wonderful moments [03:11.85][02:00.83]I had never dreamed this would be [03:15.24][02:03.10]Now all that's left is a broken heart with me [03:36.75][03:22.06][02:10.10]No one has ever been a dreamer for me [03:44.35][03:29.13][02:17.38]I've been a fool for loving you endlessly