[ti:4 Ya' Stereo - Intro (feat. Taewan A.K.A C-Luv)] [ar:엠블랙(MBLAQ)] [al:Y] [00:01.12]엠블랙(MBLAQ) - 4 Ya' Stereo - Intro (feat. Taewan A.K.A C-Luv) [00:13.85] [00:23.07]It's time to put it down like 6 in the morning [00:25.31]I'm briding gap like a singer and rapper's ballin' [00:27.42]I can't wait to show them from ya'callin' [00:29.44]this is for ya' streo [00:31.27]everybody knows my name Bring it up G O [00:33.42]천둥 and MIR let's go 준 and 승호 [00:35.61]Take flow All my ladies and fellas you know [00:38.53]this is for ya' streo On the mission [00:41.24]Let me make you this feeling [00:43.28]With my potioncan control ya'ass thrillin' [00:52.39] [00:55.32]Yes We're back Can't hold back [00:57.40]What u gon' du when we're back [00:59.46]This is M blaq B blaq [01:02.52]You know what the name is [01:04.08]Yes we're back Can't hold back [01:05.57]this's the callin' from hot track [01:07.60]5 as 1 We're the hottest ones [01:10.72]You know who the best is [01:12.77]