[ti:Why Dream of Love] [ar:陈洁仪] [al:懂得] [offset:500] [00:02.44]Music: Dick Lee [00:02.88]Producer: 馮文甫/黃元成 [00:06.21]Is this what eyes where never meant to see [00:28.43]The end of hope and all it meant to me [00:37.95]How can I find the strength to carry on another day [00:48.60]Without my pride there's nothing left to say [00:55.55]Is this the way my life was meant to be? [01:05.76]Too late for me to say I was wrong [01:13.88]Perhaps the weak believe that they are strong [01:23.74]I thought that if I tried I'd find a way to earn their trust [01:32.59]Yet all I've known and loved has turned to dust [01:38.92]It seems there was no way I could belong [03:18.53][01:48.32]The fire that burns within your heart [03:26.09][01:53.50]The pain that tears your life apart [03:29.33][01:57.84]The rain that falls from broken skies [03:33.72][02:01.92]The love I lost beneath the lies [03:38.30][02:06.33]And must I face the truth along? [03:42.24][02:10.20]Is this the end of all I've known? [04:12.51][03:46.69][02:14.49]The years I gaves, the tears I cried [04:17.40][03:50.62][02:19.16]Why dream of love, when love has died? [02:38.44]I know one day the story will be told [02:44.82]And in the end the secrets will be sold [02:54.24]And will they look at me and say I should have known the end [03:03.43]Perhaps I did but why should I pretend? [03:10.12]I only dreamt of love and growing old