[ti:Break You] [ar:Marion Raven] [al:Here I Am] [00:00.00]Marion Raven-Break You [00:05.00] [00:07.85]I was your girl [00:09.36]Gave you my world [00:10.77]My everything [00:12.21]But you wouldn't see [00:13.81]I had your back [00:15.26]I backed you up [00:16.59]Whatever I did [00:18.15]Was never enough [00:19.84]Just you [01:08.94][01:08.18][00:24.16][00:23.47][00:21.52]You [00:21.88]That's all you ever thought about [00:24.75]No one matters like you do [01:15.54][00:27.68]What goes around comes around [01:17.15][00:29.67]You should know by now [02:43.22][02:19.44][01:19.84][00:32.13]Bet you never thought that I could break you [02:49.43][02:25.34][01:25.81][00:38.00]Did you think that I would look the other way [02:55.54][02:31.65][01:31.89][00:44.35]Yeah you had it all figured out [03:01.61][02:37.57][01:37.77][00:49.89]But tell me who's the one who's crying now [00:55.56]The palm of your hand [00:56.87]That was your plan [00:58.48]Gave me no time [00:59.84]But now you want mine [01:01.36]It's all about take [01:02.81]You took too much [01:04.52]Nothing inside [01:05.82]I'm all used up [01:07.51]Come on [01:09.71]Nothing else matters like you do [01:12.51]You know what I'm talkin' about don't you [01:43.66]On your one night stands [01:51.27][01:48.33][01:45.15](should've thought about that) [01:46.90]Says she's just a friend [01:49.82]Are you satisfied now [01:52.57]Cause you can't hold me down [01:58.20]Not now [02:01.11]I wanna thank you 'cause now I'm free [02:04.51]I can breathe again and I'm never going back to you [02:42.97]Yeah yeah [02:47.11](Bet you never thought that I could break you) [03:07.81](End)