[ti:半罐可乐] [ar:陈嘉唯] [al:Who's Renee] [by:er5210] [offset:500] [00:08.67]作词:姜忆萱&刘伟恩 [00:11.57]作曲:Lim Chang Jung&赖正芬 [00:15.59] [00:22.29]当我唱起这首歌来 心跳加快  [00:29.60]兴奋的感动 一直存在 [00:34.35]我并没有离开 不会忘记  [00:41.01]你还在等待 我们一起的未来 [00:45.95]Rap: Reminiscing memories  [00:47.00]I just can’t seem to quit laughin’ [00:48.72]Dissin’ and ditchin’ getting caught cheatin’ [00:48.67]And then we still be chillin’ [00:52.66]Us living in only our world [00:51.50]Cuz that’s all we could afford [00:54.51]Everyday a different way [00:57.28]We looked at life more than words could say  [00:58.58]Growing up I won’t forget Cuz those…. Were the days [02:01.50][01:00.25]我的梦always有你陪伴 多年后还要聚在一块 [02:12.95][01:11.39]再像现在把一罐可乐打开  [02:18.38][01:16.88]一人喝一半永远不分散 [01:23.88]也许难免会有失败  [01:29.46]就算我们不是他们想的 NO.1 [01:35.72]世界每天更改 不想后悔  [01:42.31]青春多短暂 I wanna only in my way [01:47.57]Rap: Going on our separate ways  [01:48.67]We’ve never seen our future [01:49.99]Until now letting me go  [01:51.49]And left our past inside the soul 跟着我  [01:52.76]Cuz all of my feeling are [01:54.50]in words and harmonies [01:55.75]So deep inside  [01:56.19]A tune that’ll remember us by [01:58.68]You’d be feeling fine. [01:59.16]This song of mine Hoping [02:00.11]we could turn back time [02:24.48]新的世界等我发现 在我心里  [02:31.04]其实你还是在第一位 [02:35.72]好朋友分享空位 前后左右 笑声多热烈 [02:45.27]I wish our dreams come true  [02:50.82]哦~ 等 总有一天 会有我们 要的世界 [03:04.10]用半罐可乐 分享感觉  [03:09.83]只有你能了解 一起迎接 我们的世界 [03:38.77][03:15.26]当我唱起这首歌来 心跳加快  [03:45.37][03:22.45]兴奋的感动 一直存在 [03:49.96][03:27.22]我并没有离开 不会忘记  [03:56.96][03:33.87]你还在等待 我们一起的未来 [04:03.90] [04:05.22]