[ti:Darwin's Song] [ar:Picture Me Broken] [al:Wide Awake] [by:李泽昊] [00:02.00]Picture Me Broken - Darwin's Song [00:09.00]LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang [00:16.00]@ www.1ting.com @ [03:46.78][02:36.53][01:59.01][01:31.30][00:55.93][00:22.00] [00:23.26]Pry open eyes on a Sunday morning, [00:26.79]Now I can see you're overdressed. [00:29.44]Take a step inside and say you're sorry [00:32.55]To your imaginary friend [01:43.71][00:35.04]I wear seven sins upon my chest [01:46.46][00:38.10]I'm not a victim to the text [00:40.82]Written in lies, you'd stake your life [00:43.86]On hollow faith that knows you best [00:46.68]To place the world in His hands [00:52.99](You'd abandon truth for comfort) [03:23.21][03:11.69][02:12.62][02:01.00][01:09.67][00:57.95]This life is in your hands [03:26.50][03:14.68][02:15.82][02:04.14][01:12.94][01:01.14]You're living for the end [03:17.63][02:06.95][01:04.00]These fables can't explain [03:20.95][02:10.01][01:07.28]The beating in my chest [03:29.09][02:18.41][01:15.64]These myths they can't explain [03:32.57][02:21.84][01:18.92]The air I'm breathing in [03:34.83][02:24.44][01:21.20]*I'll die for my own sins* [01:32.31]Wrapped up in lies to satisfy [01:35.26]Your need to know why we exist [01:38.14]You lead a life where morals lie inside [01:41.73]A threat haunting your head [01:49.55]No false sense of existence [01:55.99](Abandon truth for comfort)