[ti:I Want To Be Something] [ar:Weezer] [al:Hurley] [by:李泽昊] [00:01.00]Weezer - I Want To Be Something [00:03.00]LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang [00:05.00]@ www.1ting.com @ [02:50.79][02:36.66][02:24.27][02:10.85][01:55.21][01:40.16][01:27.28][01:12.88][01:00.18][00:46.94][00:33.63][00:19.29][00:07.00] [00:07.70]4 in the morning [00:10.20]And my roommate's still a-snoring [00:13.56]So I take a walk out on the Boulevard [00:20.40]The wind above me [00:23.40]Seems to push and pull and shove me [00:26.69]But it shows me all the places I could fly [02:38.41][02:24.90][01:41.81][01:28.07][00:48.34][00:34.68]I want to be something [02:28.20][01:31.61][00:38.00]Before I die [02:31.73][01:35.25][00:41.55]I feel it burning me inside [01:45.42][00:51.56]I don't know why [02:45.34][01:48.66][00:55.28]I want to know that at least I tried [01:01.51]I see so clearly [01:04.11]That the odds are stacked against me [01:07.25]And that nobody else believes in me at all [01:14.97]I'm all alone here [01:17.28]And I have to face my own fear [01:20.61]I have no choice but to keep on keeping on [01:55.99]And if my dreams all come true someday, true someday [02:01.96]I won't forget how I feel today, I feel today [02:09.39]I'm blown away [02:11.77]I wanna be some'n'... x 7 [02:22.96]Here I am, here I am [02:41.76]I want to feel something