[ti:Outro] [ar:Obie Trice] [al:Cheer] [offset:500] [00:00.80]歌词编辑:MC明哲 [00:01.16]Eminem: Verse 1 [00:01.58](Gun loading) [00:02.91]Nah (nah).....we ain't done [00:05.64]I love being hated, it's great it, let's me know that I made it [00:08.10]I wouldn't have it no other way, I wouldn't trade it for the world [00:11.08]Only lets me know that i'm loved by so many other mother fuckers [00:14.50]That hate you in this buzz, cos you keep fuckin wit us, we keep fuckin you up [00:18.35]And keep pulling the rug from up under you, and what's even more fucked up [00:22.47]Is we enjoy doing what were doing so much [00:24.60]There ain't nothing that we love more than pulling your skirts up [00:27.48]And exposin you hoes so much people are starting to wonder [00:30.67]Whats up with the fuckin "Wonder Woman" underalls [00:33.19]Do onto others as you will have done onto you [00:36.05]So who the fuck you mothafuckas gonna run to [00:38.51]When someone runs up wit a mask and puts a gun to you (Gun cocking) [00:41.22]You will ask yourself how come your mans didn't empty the last round that he had [00:46.02]In "Curtis Jackson's" ass while he had the chance [00:48.19]You keep asking us to keep it on wax, but we can't [00:50.02]This is past any rationalization [00:52.00]We have captured national media attention [00:54.95]Conversation is senseless you can sense the tension [00:57.56]Start building soon as we enter the "106 and Park" building [01:00.57]Someone's gonna get killed and I swear to god if someone so much as even [01:05.34]Touches one of my people i'll put a million on his head [01:07.48]And you ain't got the funds to match or counteract it [01:10.24]But I rather rap than get into this gangsta shit [01:12.58]And it aint because I'm a bitch it's cuz I aint a bitch [01:15.68]I don't endanger people that I'm with, I'm a general [01:18.50]I aint "Bush" I don't send my soldiers to war if I ain't there [01:22.44]In the middle of this shit with em, so when I do get em [01:24.84]Orders to storm your headquarters, you be fuckin with a... [01:29.00][Swifty: Verse 2] [01:28.38]...A beat keeper, so you ain't eager to greet this lyrical meat cleaver [01:30.93]That'll eat ya, Niggas wanna keep speaking, Like it ain't even that deep. [01:34.69]I got heat that'll sweep a niggas streets, so ya wouldn't fuck with me neither [01:38.42]Only heaven can help ya, I be searching for ya longer than "The Legend of Zelda" (Ha!) [01:42.56]Without a failure, it's gonna be hell to tell the [01:45.21]Captain that a Basset Hound couldn't even smell ya. [01:47.82]Body wanna hide ya, I'll be on that mob shit, [01:50.43]You another hopper under the Renaissance bitch [01:52.84]You get bombed like Lebanon with (*explosion*) [01:55.66]On tactic, I'll snatch your head like one Saddamn's men [01:58.34][Obie Trice: Verse 3] [01:58.70]Mathafucka I'll handle you, we can have it out on any avenue [02:02.00]An "Average Man", flipped into an animal [02:03.86]Shoot out ya mandibles, cannons and ammunition reload [02:06.36]With precision nigga know the mechanicals [02:08.34]Break the Pistol down you should see them handles [02:10.77]The streets taught the child no read up manuals [02:13.45]Pushing crack valves, young "Nino Brown" [02:15.91]Chasing green is the dream when you're young and brown. [02:18.59]Bound to be a problem child, look what I'm involved in now [02:21.80]A "Dozen Dirty" niggaz and they all get down [02:24.11]I'll solve any problem that enlarge when I was with revolvers used to laugh "bring me down" (Gunshot) C'mon! [02:28.53][Kuniva: Verse 4] [02:28.89]While you punching' and tackling' punks [02:30.51]I'm handling' chumps, packing' the pump [02:32.11]That's longer than the elephant's trunk. [02:33.82]On the streets I'm "the beast", I'll feast [02:35.86]Upon the weak, so speak "beef" [02:37.49]I'll shoot you and scream "Increase the peace!" (*explosion*) [02:38.93]The monster, pistol packing', pushing' niggaz off they "Hondas" [02:41.63]Stomp ya, get it cracking' yanking' bitches for they Ganja [02:44.22]Sneaky as fuck, I don't think mamma beat me enough [02:46.65]When she was sleeping and stuff [02:48.75]I was stealing the keys to the truck [02:49.35]Shut the fuck up! Before you end up dead in the dump truck [02:52.06]Or in the streets taking a nap bleeding and locked up [02:54.43]You want what? Like "M Bleak" with this Heat [02:56.99]If your ten deep, then fuck it'll be ten asleep (*gunshots*) [02:59.36][Proof: Verse 5] [02:59.60]Don't mess with my alasnke, don't tussle with my aspe [03:02.09]Clutch your burner, bust it and watch your man bleed (Gunshot) [03:04.92]We ferocious, toast don't host us [03:07.68]Approach us, through heat straight from the shoulders [03:07.93]We the soldiers, ya the youngster's [03:12.61]Youngsta's among, aren't ya dead in the dumpsta [03:15.04]Say to the monsta head full of drama [03:17.57]You scared of the trauma vomit to monsta [03:20.27](Woof!) I'm back nigga, (Poof!) I reappear [03:22.62]Shoot like (*boom*) you ain't seeing clear [03:25.32]Blackness, carcass, cover with catfish [03:27.72]We murkers with no purpose other than practice [03:30.52][Bizarre: Verse 6] [03:30.88]There are three things I hate: liars, fakes, and cheaters; [03:33.83]Alcoholics, sluts, and fuckin wife beaters [03:35.51]I guess that describes my life, [03:37.91]I don't even know whose song this is? (*Obie Trice*) [03:40.28]Bitch, Bizarre don't give a fuck about no hip-hop [03:43.59]At my release party in a pink tank top and Reebok's [03:45.96]This "Ja Rule" beef im not getting in, I need an R&B singer to sing at my wedding (Say Yeah!) [03:51.25]I'll turn your face into a fuckin' meat patty [03:53.54]I'll fuck yo mommy and go fishing with yo granny [03:56.33]I'll shit on you; I'll pee on R. Kelly too, [03:58.79]This is Bizarre see you "Devils Night 2". [03:58.79]This is Bizarre see you "Devils Night 2".