[ti:favourite girl] [al:] [00:13.06][00:10.62][00:06.75]ah ah ah ah [00:11.69]ah ah ah oh [00:13.87]i always knew you were the best [00:16.69]the coolest girl i know [00:18.06]so prettier than all the rest [00:19.75]the star of my show [00:22.50]so many times i wished [00:25.19]you'd be the one for me [00:27.88]but never knew you'd get like [00:31.06]this girl what you do to me [00:32.69]you're who i'm thinkin of [00:36.13]girl you ain't my runner up [00:40.19]and no matter what you're always number one [00:43.69]my prize posession [00:44.69]one and only [00:45.82]adore ya girl i want ya [00:48.19]the one i cant live without [00:51.69]that's you that's you [00:53.57]you're my special little lady [00:57.63]the one that makes me crazy [01:00.69]of all the girls i've ever known [01:03.57]it's you, it's you [01:06.06]my favorite, my favorite [01:08.13]my favorite, my favorite girl [01:12.69]my favorite girl [01:15.49]