[ti:Running Late] [ar:Anya Shesternina] [al:] [00:00.58]Anya Shesternina - Running Late [00:01.30] [00:05.72]The other day I cried [00:08.01]There's too much stuff on my heart [00:11.68]Its funny how people change.. [00:14.20]Walk in and out of your life [00:16.68]If only I could take you there, [00:18.07]I would do it right now [00:20.30]You gotta listen [00:21.28] [00:22.03]You said it will be ok [00:24.58]But Im moving out my way [00:27.32]Maybe I'll let you stay one last day yeah [00:32.53]I know that we can't go back [00:35.09]To the times when we used to laugh [00:37.81]Everyday, everynight [00:39.68]Everything won't be the same in our lives [00:43.07]There's a place we can run and hide [00:45.57]But we can not turn back time [00:47.97]In my world I created [00:50.12]I will save a space for both of us yeah [00:53.76]I believe in our destiny [00:56.34]And I wish that we all can be free [00:59.06]It all happends for a reason,can I get away [01:01.90] [03:14.00][02:52.47][02:09.72][01:02.96]And I see my heart on the floor [03:16.29][02:54.97][02:12.25][01:05.71]Headed out the house to the front door [03:18.92][02:57.59][02:14.95][01:08.38]And I cant explain what I feel [03:21.66][03:00.29][02:17.67][01:11.17]Im so sad that you are not here [03:24.34][03:02.96][02:20.23][01:13.60]Many times I cried through the night [03:26.96][03:05.62][02:23.01][01:16.28]Something bother me and my heart [03:29.67][03:08.32][02:25.84][01:19.10]I don't wanna play in your game [03:32.24][03:10.89][02:28.31][01:21.61]Cuz I feel like you running late, running late [03:34.80][02:30.75][01:24.23]Baby you just running late [03:13.06][02:31.94][01:25.57] [01:28.93]This life is going too fast [01:31.17]What happened is in the past [01:33.80]Bittersweet memories about us oh [01:39.37]But we can not turn back time [01:41.62]Bring it back when we first said hi [01:44.29]Someday, somehow [01:46.42]Things will never be the same in our lifes [01:49.79]Certain things I just can't explain [01:52.27]Hear your voice when you call my name [01:54.74]Life is better without you [01:56.85]Got the whole universe in my hands yeah [02:00.40]In this world we are not alone [02:02.86]Promise that I will always be strong [02:05.70]Soon enough I will be gone and I will move on [02:09.04] [02:32.66]And I can't keep going this way [02:36.87]In my heart I don't feel it no more [02:42.37]But if we can't work it out [02:44.43]I will be gone there's no doubt [02:47.29]I got my freedom and that's how Im living [02:51.37] [03:37.89]I dont wanna feel like this no more..no [03:43.25]