[ti:Ships in the Night] [ar:Mat Kearney] [al:Young Love] [by:bloOmstar] [00:00.00]Mat Kearney - Ships in the Night [04:01.95][03:26.02][03:14.44][02:46.11][00:03.00] [03:50.42][03:29.57][02:43.58][02:34.73][02:13.98][01:38.60][01:30.22][01:09.24][00:04.00]Like ships in the night [03:31.59][02:16.05][01:11.22][00:06.91]You keep passing me by [03:34.65][02:19.18][01:14.49][00:09.76]Just wasting time [03:37.55][02:21.77][01:16.82][00:12.72]Trying to prove who's right [03:40.32][02:24.75][01:20.10][00:15.26]And if it all goes crashing into the sea [00:20.06]If it's just you and me [03:47.80][02:32.31][01:27.62][00:23.02]Trying to find the light [00:25.53]Like ships in the night letting cannonballs fly [00:29.11]Say what you mean and it turns to a fight [00:31.64]Fists fly from my mouth as it turns south [00:34.30]You're down the driveway [00:35.75]I'm on the couch [00:37.23]Chasing your dreams since the violent fifth grade [00:39.85]Trying to believe in your silent own way [00:42.26]Cause we'll be okay, I'm not going away [00:45.02]Like you watching at fourteen as it went down the drain [00:47.93]Your pops stayed the same and your moms moved away [00:50.63]How many of our parents make it anyway [00:53.18]We're just fumbling through the gray [00:55.68]Trying to find a heart that's not walking away [02:03.40][00:58.38]Turn the lights down low [02:05.94][01:01.19]Walk these halls alone [02:08.63][01:03.93]We can feel so far [02:11.47][01:06.55]From so close [03:44.91][02:29.45][01:24.70]Its just you and me [03:57.00][03:53.59][02:41.20][02:37.56][01:36.33][01:33.50]Your passing me by [01:41.10]I'm at the airport waiting on the second plane [01:44.50]Had to pack you had cramps [01:46.22]And I was late heading to a red carpet [01:48.81]They wont know my name [01:50.21]Riding in silence [01:51.34]All that we wanna say [01:52.76]Bout to board when you call on the phone [01:55.05]You say I'm sorry I'll be waiting at home [01:57.82]Feels