[ti:Interlude] [ar:Lil Wayne] [al:Tha Carter IV (Deluxe Edition)] [00:00.02]Lil Wayne Feat. Tech N9ne & Andre 3000 - Interlude [00:03.52] [00:16.68]Tech N9ne: [00:17.16]Heart's what it is [00:17.64]Watch what the kid drops, I'ma get the prop if you're not wit' the biz [00:19.96]Not only other regions, I really popped at the crib [00:21.73]So hatin' motherf-ckers, you better stop with the jibs [00:23.52]All for the dibs, but I'm boss, [00:25.30]It's don't matter what the cost when I live right across from the Wiz [00:27.20]Killa City will have a nigga lost in the Mids [00:29.08]Doin' nothin' but mothers stackin' pussy coffin again [00:30.87]What is happenin' is a merger, different levels of murder [00:33.31]Lil Weezy cook it and I'ma serve her [00:34.74]Further, guess what I'ma go do wit' this women when we're eatin' Gerber? [00:37.32]Mama said to kill 'em all, and I heard her [00:39.48]Thank you, baby, for what became Lil Wayne [00:40.81]It's good that all the people know when Strange in the game [00:41.73]I been really able to hang in the fame [00:43.76]But when he shot at my nig was when it changed in my lane [00:45.60]I'm accustomed, f-cking lovin' nothin' but to get your brain [00:48.75]And I be stuck in lust and quick to a bust a nut and take a nigga's dame wit' no shame [00:52.36]When they be bussin' 'nough, they thinkin' they thuggin' tough [00:54.74]But never do knuckle up, you in the game, you bang [00:56.89]You druggin', touchin' everything, you lame? [00:58.72]Sucka, you cannot sustain the rain [01:00.42]Tech N9ne is such a cuckoo in this [01:03.89]Balla nigga, Strange Music, coupe through swishas [01:07.58]I know a lot of you prolly never knew who this is [01:11.06]Well, you listenin' to Tecca Nina, soo woo bidness [01:14.72] [01:15.36]Andre 3000: [01:15.82]Today, I feel electric gray, I hope tomorrow neon black [01:18.65]I tell a nigga all those flows are borrowed, it's the phar-oh, Three Stacks [01:22.41]I woke up in Cai-ro, lookin' at stars so bright in the sky I thought they were marbles [01:26.16]No car doors, whatcha call those? A whole carload of raw hoes [01:29.96]In a Jeep Defender, please remember, don't feed the Simba [01:32.90]Three's a symbol like nobody, he's a symbol of what's safari [01:36.60]Pulled her ponytail to my body, she's the only girl that was smart [01:40.80]Enough to call me Mr. Benjamin in the middle of a wild party [01:43.92]Skin was cinnamon, I pound it harder, how come the only girls that are thought of [01:47.24]Are the light ones? Well, tonight, then, we gon' do it, do it, do it for the dark ones [01:51.43]It's important that you are more than welcome to the Carter IV and [01:54.98]Y'all enjoy it, I will go 'head, and I'll kiss y'all on y'all forehead [01:58.75]Out [01:59.06] [01:59.48]End [01:59.95] [02:00.52]Lil Wayne Feat. Tech N9ne & Andre 3000 - Interlude [02:01.02]