[ti:Crank it Up] [ar:David Guetta] [al:Nothing But the Beat] [by:bloOmstar] [00:00.00]David Guetta - Crank it Up [03:07.93][02:32.31][02:15.11][01:56.32][01:11.34][00:52.74][00:04.00] [00:07.56]She's the keys to my starter in my automatic car [00:11.27]Yeah she make me wanna go harder and she always lift the boom [00:14.87]When she keep that spotlight glowing cause she is a superstar [00:18.61]Everybody know this is girl when she step up in the place with an... [03:03.56][03:01.66][02:59.77][02:56.03][02:54.00][02:52.16][02:11.15][02:09.19][02:07.22][02:03.53][02:01.50][01:59.95][01:26.07][01:24.13][01:22.23][01:18.60][01:16.49][00:33.52][00:31.67][00:29.71][00:25.89][00:24.14][00:22.56]The way she crank it up [03:05.46][02:58.04][02:13.04][02:05.57][01:27.85][01:20.36][00:35.46][00:27.80]The way she cranks it up [02:37.98][01:30.49][00:37.91]She might not be the one you see in a magazine [02:42.14][01:35.00][00:42.39]She might not be the one you fantasize in your dream [02:46.13][01:38.52][00:46.11]She's the only girl left in the world that can guarantee what you need [02:50.43][01:42.95][00:50.29]Tonight [01:45.31][00:59.97]With my Gs and we riding in a magnificent car [01:48.69][01:03.63]And we rolling with the baddest chicks and you won't see a flaw [01:52.48][01:07.48]Booty riding up so perfect, badder than my Audemars [01:15.01]Watch her crank it up [02:16.72]She's trying to make me fall in love again, yeah [02:24.20]The way she moving I can tell you she's almost there, yeah