[ti:Night Of Your Life] [ar:David Guetta (Feat. Jennifer Hudson)] [al:Nothing But The Beat] [by:都市神話] [00:00.00]David Guetta - Night Of Your Life (Feat. Jennifer Hudson) [01:30.39][00:21.00](Jennifer Hudson) [00:22.00]Boy I see ya, looking at me [00:26.36]I feel your eyes on me, like you gotta have me [00:30.05]Watching every move, like it's for you [00:33.73]You can't help it, you're attracted like a magnet [00:37.45]My love ain't easy [00:39.48]You gon' have to put in some work [00:41.26]You can't buy me a drink, thinking I'mma fall for your flirt [00:44.95]You gotta make it right [00:46.68]If you wanna go spend some time [00:48.69]You gotta raise the bar tonight [03:37.58][02:53.69][02:37.52][02:14.63][01:59.85][01:30.16][01:07.00][00:52.35] [02:06.00][02:00.07][00:52.59](Chorus) [02:00.31][00:52.79]Love me, baby treat me right [02:03.57][00:56.08]Make it eternity and not only one night [03:14.94][02:22.52][02:07.74][01:15.18][01:00.17]If you love me til the end of time [03:18.74][02:26.23][02:11.28][01:18.71][01:03.94]Then I will promise you the night of your life [03:07.00][02:14.88][01:07.30]So now love me, baby treat me right [03:10.95][02:18.71][01:11.18]And we'll be riding it from morning til midnight [03:25.92][03:22.26][02:33.52][02:29.81][01:26.02][01:22.23]Night of your life, life, life [01:30.57]I could have ya, if I wanted to [01:33.91]Down on one knee, in front of me where them bells ringing [01:37.50]I could claim ya, be your savior [01:41.26]Wrap your heart inside of these arms and you'll never leave [01:45.10]I could have your hands tied, round my body all up on me [01:48.70]Boy you'll be stuck to me, if I wanted with no release [01:52.50]I'll have you begging, wishing now I give a piece [01:56.20]Baby you'll never be the same [02:37.96](Bridge) [02:38.54]Taller than a mountain, deeper than the sea [02:41.79]You're boiling hot for me babe, one hundred degrees [02:45.57]I want you to love me like your favorite